Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay Examples For Students

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Every nurse has her personal nursing philosophy towards her profession which she follows while treating the patient in the healthcare sector. Some of them find nursing as a game of ethics and others find it a job comprised of experiments every day. Students of nursing colleges are often assigned essays and papers on the personal philosophy of nursing by professors. So if you are also the one who got to write such essays and papers follow the personal nursing philosophy examples given below. The examples that are given below on the personal nursing philosophies have justified the thing that which of the following terms are the core beliefs that motivate attitudes and actions of Nurses.

Essay Sample on Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Thesis Statement of Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

Nurses have an opportunity to develop a personal philosophy that shapes how they practice.

Introduction of Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

Nursing is a profession that requires not only passion and compassion but also intelligence. It’s important to be able to think critically about the healthcare system in order to provide quality care for patients. There are many aspects of nursing where you have an opportunity to develop your own personal philosophy, including how you work with other providers, what kind of environment you want your workplace to be like, and how much time you spend on shift doing paperwork or tasks versus caring for patients. Nurses are at the forefront of health care reform because they’re at the bedside every day – so it’s crucial that nurses have a voice in shaping our future.

Main Body of Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

  • Nursing ethics as an integral part of the nursing profession: The personal nursing philosophy of most of the nurses revolves around the ethics they are following in their profession. According to the personal philosophy of nurses about their profession, nursing ethics is the most important thing that exists in their profession and keeps them firm to impart their duties.

If ethics will be removed from the given profession it will become easy for everyone for practicing their own monopoly on the patient’s treatment. It can cause hazardous conclusions to the patient and in his treatment.

Nursing ethics require the nurses to work day and night passionately by giving back to back duty tirelessly which inculcates respect in their minds about their work. At the same time, they are considered the most integral part of the hospital as well.

It becomes very difficult to run a healthcare sector properly if the nursing is free from their ethics to work day and night with full attention. According to the nurses of various hospitals, it is the most important nursing philosophy which deals with the ethics of nurses that should be followed by them.

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  • A nurse cannot divorce from experiments in her profession: Fortunately or unfortunately there are so many experiments that need to be done with the patient by a nurse. It is very rare for a nurse to make a difference from these experiments in her daily life. This is because various types of patients are attended by her on a daily basis and every time she has to deal with a different problem. So she must be ready to confront all these challenges in her career to discharge her duties in a real sense.

Whatever is read in the books by a nurse is not enough for them and apart from its practice and experiences speak louder for them. Healthcare professionals cannot run well if new actions and experiments will not be done while treating the patients for unique problems every day. That is why the life of a nurse is full of challenges faced by her every other day. Most people cannot pursue this profession owing to the adventures that exist every day in the nursing profession for the nurses.

  • Nurses have a social responsibility towards society: Social welfare epically when it comes to the healthcare sector is very important and nurses play a great role in it. A nurse is the most significant part of the healthcare sector who serves her responsibility towards a society more than a doctor or surgeon. Most nurses are in touch with the lower strata of society and poor people who need health awareness and the best treatment as well. The social responsibility to mitigate the poor health issues of society is taken by the nurses more than the doctors.

If nurses from across the world will work in collaboration to deal with the poor health of people out of their social responsibility we can check the growth of fatal diseases as well. The number of nurses is more than the doctors in a hospital and that is the reason why they can serve social responsibility with real effect.

It is not possible for the other people of the medical profession to work with the same zeal for social responsibility in healthcare as that of nurses. The people can also communicate to nurses more easily than the senior doctors owing to their fear and hesitations as well.

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  • Nurses play an integral role in the counseling of patients: The nursing philosophy of many nurses says that they are very much helpful to cater to the need of psychological counseling of the patients as well. There are patients who are suffering from the same ailment for a long period of time. As a result of which they start feeling anxiety and depression in the normal state as well.

Under such a state, the nurses are very helpful to cater to their need for counseling on psychological grounds. A patient is treated by the nurse in a soft way while talking to him or her so that he manages to forget the stress and anxiety easily.

This type of trick is very crucial for the fast and immediate recovery of people from dangerous diseases. Without the role of psychological counseling, it is very difficult to treat a patient with drugs and diagnoses only.

According to the nursing philosophy, it is very important to treat a person on both psychological as well as physical grounds for a full recovery and that is why this action is taken by the nurses. A patient cannot make his recovery soon if the nurse will not provide him with the best counseling.


The personal philosophy allows the nurse to reflect on their lives and how they have arrived at where they are in their career. The goal of this essay should be to persuade readers that you would make a great nurse because you share similar values with them, such as caring for others or being empathetic.

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