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Breast cancer is a prevalent disease among women of all ages. It can affect anyone and should be taken seriously. In this blog post, we will explore the causes and effects of breast cancer as well as ways to prevent it from happening in your life or someone you love’s life.

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Thesis Statement For Breast Cancer Essay

In the United States, breast cancer is a leading cause of death for women. It’s the most common form of cancer in females and accounts for nearly 30% of all cancers diagnosed in women.

Breast Cancer Essay Introduction

The healthcare conditions, especially in poor countries, are deteriorating day by day and breast cancer is one of them. We cannot take this issue lightly as many women of the country are dying of breast cancer rapidly. The issue is getting so dominant that even WHO is also in a great panic to deal with breast cancer effectively. Most women who are in their mid-age are affected by breast cancer when we compare the age group of teenagers to mid-age women. Here we will discuss the reason behind breast cancer that why it is spreading across the world rapidly. At the same time attempt will be made to find relevant solutions to this problem on real grounds. So if you are also facing the same problem of wants to have the same insights on breast cancer-related issues then here is a complete account of it. You will be able to grab the in-depth idea and knowledge regarding breast cancer here in the discussion below.

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Main Body – Breast Cancer Essay

Cause of breast cancer in women of middle age

Breast cancer is caused by the excessive accumulation of fatty acids beneath the subcutaneous skin of the women’s breast. As a result of which the size of the breast increases tremendously because tumor cells divide at a rapid pace like any other cancer of the human body. Such problems are caused to women when they avoid feeding their little infants with breast milk after delivering the baby. When a baby is not provided breast milk by his mother this milk gets accumulated in the areola and causes cancer of the breast in a majority of cases.

At the same time, women who avoid pregnancy or do not get married for their entire life are also prone to breast cancer because of a lack of lactation throughout their lifetime. These are some common causes of breast cancer that are in the light and given attention by the doctors. Even in the present period of time, people are very conscious about their health still sometimes they remain lazy to get the health check-up for breast cancer-related problems.

What are the consequences of breast cancer and how to treat it?

Breast cancer can prove out to be very dangerous in women even it turns out fatal in the majority of the cases. If a woman can detect this cancer at its early stage then treatment can be possible but if ignored to the tertiary stage it is very difficult to save the person. That is why regular health checkups are very important especially when such sorts of diseases are very prominent in society.

That is why people are also much aware of their health-related issues in the present time period. So if you will delay your treatment the seriousness of the disease is going to increase many folds. That is why try to get the proper treatment on time and feel free to live a healthy life.

Solutions for avoiding breast cancer from occurring in a woman

If we talk about the genuine solutions that can help in preventing breast cancer then it is always suggested by the doctors to lactating mothers to feed their children. It is good to provide breastfeed in an initial six months to the baby as well as the mother. That is why some traditional tribes and societies still make it a rule to feed the baby in the beginning on a compulsory basis.

At the same time, some measures can be taken to check its growth to the advanced level by getting a health check-up regularly after short intervals. That is how we can put a little stop to this severe and fatal problem that is encountered by many women. You can also consult your doctor regarding the issue to get dynamic solutions by keeping your problem in mind.


Breast Cancer Essay Conclusion

The above essay ends on a note that we cannot have control of the spreading of breast cancer once it is already in the tertiary stage. But if attention is given to regular health checkups and precautions like breastfeeding are taken this problem can be sorted to a great extent. The essay cites the major causes of breast cancer which also includes not feeding the baby in the lactating period after delivery. So if you will give care to these areas possibly it is easy to treat or prevent breast cancer for the women as compared to avoiding the health check-up in a routine. Advance countries are free from such types of diseases mostly because of their routine checkup that aware them of the deteriorating health problems. That is why only poor nations are affected by issues like breast cancer to a huge extent.

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