Plastic Surgery Essay Example

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The idea of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is not a new concept. In ancient times, people would go to the doctor to have their noses reshaped or lips enlarged. Today, however, there are more options for surgical procedures available than before. A sample essay on plastic surgery is given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals to graduates. Those who are supposed to write their college essay on plastic surgery can take tips from this sample.

Essay Sample on Plastic Surgery Essay

Thesis Statement of Plastic Surgery Essay

Plastic surgery is serving as a good alternative to treat patients who have undergone multiple damages to their skin in an accident.

Plastic Surgery Essay Introduction

The number of accidents whether it is on-road or in industrial areas, rising with reckless speed. Every other moment we hear news of such accidents in which the skin of the person gets totally damaged or crushed but the person is alive. Under such a state, the only alternative that doctors have is to undergo plastic surgery. In plastic surgery, the skin is removed from a body part like thighs and used in the damaged part of the person. Here we will talk about is it good to treat a person with plastic surgery or there should be some other solutions for it. Also, the drawbacks of plastic surgery will be mentioned here.

Main Body of Plastic Surgery Essay

Importance of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is the only option left for doctors in case of massive destruction of the body mass. It is very important to restore the mass of the body immediately after an accident to keep the person alive. That is why we cannot ignore the significance of plastic surgery.

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Why plastic surgery is risk-full in many situations?

Although it is very crucial to treat a person with the help of plastic surgery in case of loss of body mass there are several risks associated with it. For example, the infection or defects in the plastic surgery operation can cause cancer and such fatal diseases to the person. The area from where the skin is removed also shows some issues and trouble in the latter part of life after a few years. So until or unless there is a big emergency in doing plastic surgery, it should be avoided at any cost.

Is there any alternative to plastic surgery?

As of now, medical science has not reached any advanced level which can replace the option of plastic surgery. That is why it is being operated even after so many risks are associated with it. But there are people who went with plastic surgery for the cosmetic purpose to shape their facial parts in an apt position. These people should avoid doing such things and start embracing them in a real sense of what they actually are. It is not good to keep others happy by going through such body modifications.

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Plastic Surgery Essay Conclusion

The above essay conclusion can be seen in accordance with the importance of plastic surgery that cannot be avoided in emergency cases. But yes those who are going through it just for the sake of ornamental causes should put an end to it. Those having accidents are helpless to avoid such treatment but others who are having normal body are also involved in it which does not make much sense. We must think on it that where we are heading in the present time by leaving our ethics and morals behind.

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This essay sample has explored the history of plastic surgery, the benefits, and risks associated with it, as well as some common myths.

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