Pollution Persuasive Speech Sample

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Pollution is a major issue that has been affecting the world for years. Pollution can be caused by natural disasters, but it mainly comes from humans. In the United States alone, there are many different types of pollution. One type of pollution is air pollution which causes health problems and affects air quality. Another type of pollution is water pollution which pollutes drinking water and causes other environmental problems such as dead zones in oceans where marine life cannot survive due to high levels of toxic chemicals found in these waters. There are many ways to reduce this problem through recycling, using fewer plastic bags or creating more public parks to help clean up our environment because we all want a better future for ourselves and future generations!

Speech Sample on Pollution

Thesis statement – Pollution Speech

The United States has one of the most serious pollution problems in the world, and every human being on this planet contributes to it. Pollution from humans is a worldwide problem that affects everyone across the globe.

Introduction – Pollution Speech

Harmful pollutants have been produced by mankind for almost as long as we’ve existed. We know that there was a time when the earth had no pollution, but just how polluted is our planet now? According to scientists from the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme, air pollution accounts for more than one-third of all deaths worldwide. It’s safe to say that human beings are killing themselves with their carelessness and neglect.

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Main Body – Pollution Speech

There are different types of pollution based on its presence in the environment like soil pollution, air pollution, water pollution, or other such pollution. The primary cause behind this increase in pollution can be devoted to modernization in the present time. Deforestation and the building of concrete infrastructures like roads and pools are increasing global warming and that is how we can see avalanches and floods as consequences. The depletion of the ozone layer is also one of these factors which is the main cause of cancer. So if we think about the issue with seriousness there can be many reasons which require instant action to stop this pollution so that health can be managed.

People who are involved in air pollution by burning nonbiodegradable matters should have an awareness of the recycling process. At the same time, soil pollution can be controlled by putting a stop to the use of things that are harmful to the soil like chemicals that can be altered with organic manure. That is how we can impart a crucial in the control of air pollution. This is because soil that is contaminated with chemicals brings chemicals to the water bodies with water during the rainy season. That is why many environmentalists are trying to come up with ideas that lower the use of fertilizers full of chemicals in the field by something that can heal up the loss caused by the chemicals in making the atmosphere full of pollution.

Several examples can be noticed where pollution is caused due to the increase in technology. Many industries do not have control over their waste materials and they throw the waste hazardous chemicals in the water streams which directly or indirectly becomes responsible for the supply of contaminated water to the people at their homes. This can be solved by taking certain emergency actions which can put control on the use of these methods in the industry or any such place that exist and cause pollution.

Those who understand the need of taking the fast initiative to control this pollution have to be aware of others about the results and need of taking quick actions. Planting more and more trees, reducing the level of chemicals in soil by using organic manure along with chemicals and recycling the plastic, and keeping is fresh and marine water resources free from the pollutants. That is how we can become a contribution to the role of saving our environment in the best way from pollution.

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The conclusion of the pollution essay says that if we will not focus on the harm that is being done to the environment in the name of pollution then certain serious issues will really make this earth not worth living. We have had many instances in the past couple of decades where people are dying of severe diseases that are caused by environmental pollutions.

So if we will not find the immediate and instant practical solutions for controlling the increasing pollution on this earth then it will become hazardous to live on this earth in the coming few years and our future generations are going to curse us for this deed as we are putting their lives on dread silence.

Pollution which was earlier used to be taken lightly as an environmental issue now a reason for grave concern. This is because the count of death is increasing with pollution now and then.

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