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Poverty Research Paper Sample

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Poverty is a common but grave issue that is prevalent in the world and needs to be overridden with specific ideas and initiatives taken by the different groups of the people. To know some solutions on the concerned problem research is very important and students doing higher degrees on sociology have to write a research paper on Poverty. Those who are writing these papers for the very first time and have no idea about the way and format of writing it can go through the sample research paper on Poverty which is given here by the experienced research paper writers of the Students Assignment Help.

You can also learn other things about writing a research paper by reading this sample meticulously. Things like the format of research paper and the difference between MLA and APA style can be understood in the research paper outline help taken in the form of this sample essay on poverty from professionals. The complete guide of research paperwork from research to conclusion is served by the research paper written on StudentsAssignmentHelp.com.

Aim of the Research

Poverty is like a termite which makes the stability of a nation hollow from inside and conditions like civil wars and anarchy can be seen as consequences of it. The aim of this paper is inclined towards the reason for which various nations are going through the bad reality of poverty.


Most of the countries a global scale today facing the serious threat to manage the two squares of meal per day for their citizens. Even after working from day to night odd hour people have to live in a very miserable plight. The entire system is getting empty from inside which can break out into chaos anytime causing a state of emergency in the world. This Research is based on the causes, consequences, solutions of poverty which are important to reflect on the issue. To understand the harsh reality of poverty various instances are also given throughout the research paper by the researchers.

Research Concerns

Like aforesaid research is done to enshroud the mystery of poverty what are the reason and causes behind it and how to cater with the issue to get out of it. The following points are sufficient to deal with all these concerns effectively.

What are the Major Reasons of Poverty in Developing Countries?

If we go through the statistical data of poverty and census of a nation the results would be atrocious. The numbers of people in developing nations are extremely high when the per capita income is measured with the resources of a country. As a result of which it gets hard to get these limited resources served over a big volume of population. This is the biggest cause why developing countries that do not put a crosscheck on the reproduction of a large number of children have to suffer with such consequences. Although this is the solemn right of the parents that how many children they need in their family but when the issue is addressed on the welfare of entire nation there can be some rules to ensure the livelihood and meal of those who are already struggling with this trouble.

Why it is important to address the Issue of Poverty in a society with great Attention?

Almost 10 percent of people in the world die due to poverty and hunger but we are not able to stop this mortality count because of the huge population and economic resources are limited. But if this will continue for ages the day is not too far when a revolt by the poor section of society is going to suppress the development, stability on social and economic level. That is why in order to save the globe from such a massive revolt it is very important to focus on the mitigation of problem that is concerned with the poverty in underdeveloped and developing nations. At the least their basic needs must be fulfilled on time which is the primary thing for living.

How the future of a country and its economic growth is hampered by Poverty?

If the citizens of a country will not be able to get the proper basic needs and to seek out their livelihood then this is for sure that they will not be able to impart any role in the development of a country. That is why the primary step that could be taken to make a country to travel the journey from developing to develop and underdeveloped to developing is possible by giving the shelter, food, and clothes with the education of course. If these things are missing in the social-economic growth becomes negligible.

What should be done to remove poverty to a great extent for bringing equality among people of a country?

The biggest cause of poverty in a myriad of nations it the unequal distribution of the economic resources which is the major cause why nations are lagging behind in the journey of success. Those having social hegemony over the economic resources are able to establish their throne among the poor. When this gulf of the difference between poor and rich, upper class and lower will be bridged carefully by the constitution only then there could be seen a ray of hope for development towards a world having no tinge of poverty.

Individual efforts apart from the initiatives taken by the government are must needed to support such plans. But most of the time these policies and rules remains limited to the documents only as people sitting on higher positions are enmeshed in the quagmire of corruption. It is hard to put them out from that state to play their part of the job in saving nation from the termite of poverty.

  • Evidence from Research: The above discussion on the topics can be seen through the examples as well for example if we consider the developing countries which are doing well in their gross domestic product are still not able to meet the needs of their citizens for food and shelter. All this is because the resources are not being distributed between them as per the equal distribution rule. On the contrary countries which focus on the equal right of resources for all the citizens are becoming more progressive on global scale.
  • Conclusion: So the above research shows that it is hard to bring a smooth and fare distribution of the economic income of a nation among its citizens which is the cause of poverty in such countries. The research also reflects the consequences of not distributing the money and resources between the people equally.

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