Social Media and Career Goals – It helps Or Hurt Essay Example

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Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and while some people use it to connect with friends and family, others are using it for professional purposes. It is important that you think about how your social media presence can impact your career goals before you create a profile or post on these sites. This essay will give you tips on how to manage your online identity so that the content you create doesn’t negatively affect your future career decisions.

Essay Sample on Social Media and Career Goals

Introduction of Social Media and Career Goals Essay

Social media is a platform where people interact with the outer world by sitting at home through the internet. This communication tool lets people share anything with the world. They can share their photos, events, views, or even can chat with their friends.

Social media is gaining popularity day by day as it is no more limited to only chatting or sharing. People can also get various career options over this. They can use it to get genuine feedback on their skills or virtually meet people with the same passion and interests. In short, people could get a life over social media if used correctly and securely.

Though creating an account on social sites is safer than prior, people must be more careful while sharing any of their private information like bank account details. Overusing such sites can lead to lose your real friends and get more virtual friends. In need, no virtual friend is going to help you; you’ll definitely need to call real friends. So it’s equally important to use these platforms in limit so that you could spend enough time with the real world as well.

Main Body of Social Media and Career Goals Essay

Social media and students

 More than 70% of people on the internet have their social accounts, and most of them are students. Every student uses social media for their own purpose. Under a study, it is seen that school students use it for chatting purposes mostly, undergraduate students for some political purposes or for sharing photos. Students also love to share their academic events and need to be aware of articles.

Students are getting addicted to popular social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MySpace, and much more. They leave every work just to check the Facebook notifications, reply to friends, tweeting, pinning, etc. It could also affect their academic performance.

Students and social media have a strong bond that they can’t miss a chance to update any of their activities. Though sharing is good, sometimes the fake statuses could upset others. They can also use social media to share their thoughts about a particular issue and read other’s genuine reviews on that. They can give a proper shape to their passion by getting updates from people with the same likes.

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Everything has two facets!

 We can’t declare anything that is in use, bad or good. As we know that a coin has two faces, similarly, social media also has two sides, i.e., positive and negative. Everything has its pros and cons. It’s totally up to the users in which way they are using it.

Students waste most of their time in making up their social accounts, updating fake statuses, chatting with virtual friends, and all these. But what if instead of wasting their time, they utilize it by making money with their skills? Though it is hard to get rid of any addiction, it’s not impossible. Even they can make it possible by doing the work of their interest and share it on their profile. Your activities affect others’ life, as well. So instead of uploading unreal updates, you can boost others by sharing your skills.

Excess of everything is terrible. So if students use online media in the limit, it can also work as a stress reliever for them. You can make the best use of these sites by using them smartly, or use it blindly by wasting your time on exploring the activities of others.

  • How bad social media can be for you: Students are becoming the victim of the evil power of social networking as they can’t spend even a single day without social media. Though we know online media has both pros and cons, then let’s first discuss its darker side.
  • Reduced focus on learning: Students nowadays have begun to trust the information available on social media sites, especially. They don’t make efforts to check its accuracy and store the false information in their minds. There are millions of users on every website; everyone uploads their different points of view on the particular subject matter. Students lose their focus in learning and retaining capability by exploring the different content on the same issue.

It also reduces their research capability as they get satisfied with the information received from social media.

  • More virtual friends: Students are adding more virtual friends than real ones to their friend lists. They even don’t found time to contact real humans. It could also result in reducing their communication skills. They become introverts in real life and extroverts in their fake life.
  • Multitasking: They can’t keep social media apart from them even when they are studying. They surf the sites while reading, eating, or talking. This addiction can prove to be worse for their academic career or future.
  • Waste of time: Time is more precious than anything else. You can never get back the wasted time, and most of the students spend their time in chatting or exploring other things on such sites.
  • Reduces creative writing skills: While chatting, you never focus on spelling or grammar rules. Instead, you make your own abbreviations, and this habit can also affect your writing skills.
  • Fear of cyberbullying: The use of social sites has been increasing day by day and hence the chances of cyberbullying. While it becomes easier to make friends online, predators also get their way for victims. Though severe action is taken against this harassment, still it affects the soul of the victim.
  • Fake expectations: Students sometimes feel jealous and fear missing out when they see event updates of their friends. They even started expecting a healthy relation with their social media friends rather than real ones.
  • Poor body posture: Bad body posture is the main issue that can be seen in every social media addict. They use their phones while sleeping, which can also affect their eyesight. They make every possible posture just to chat comfortably with their friends. Online media addicts even can’t tolerate any disturbance while chatting.

If you feel like deleting your social accounts could help you to get rid of its addiction, then you are getting absolutely wrong. You just have to find a way to lessen its dependence and get the best out of it. If these sites are used with caution, then you can even boost your career and can get easy success in your passion.

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If Used Properly, Social Media Can Prove to Be a Boon for Your Career

It is too easy to share the negative impacts of something for everyone. But finding out their pros is a challenging task.

Now let’s explore you can boost your career with these sites.

  • Blogging: The most common way for students to bear their expenses is by starting a blog of their interest. You can choose the most current and innovative topic for your blog and share every possible and latest news about the subject. You can also provide video blogs to your readers and share your own thoughts on this.
  • Marketing: You can make a smart earning by marketing the products. Various e-commerce sites provide an opportunity for affiliate marketing. You can share the details of products on your social account to promote it. Or you can also promote your own brand by marketing its products. Those having an extensive social network can get more benefits from it.
  • A platform to showcase your skills: Students can use online media to show their skills to the world. Skills are appreciated on such platforms. It gives them the motivation to work more on their skills and get recognized by their friends or other social media users.
  • Shape your passion: Everyone loves to live for their passion. And when you can earn from your passion, you get more motivation to give it a perfect shape. Students can upload their videos on the sites that pay you for this and provide that link on your social account so that their friends can get an update about your activity.
  • Learn to interact: On the internet, you interact with total strangers. At first, you might feel nervous while interacting, but then it can help you to become an extrovert. You will never face difficulty in contacting strangers whether they are your age mates or a post holder in any company.
  • Various job opportunities: Students can upload their resumes or portfolio on their social accounts and other social sites that provide job opportunities. They can also get part-time jobs or online jobs that they can comfortably do along with their studies.

The students can get more benefits from these social sites and can use them to make up their careers.


Don’t let the cons of social media ruin your career. And deleting your accounts is also not the right choice. As social media is an excellent platform for students to shape their skills and to get opportunities to bear their expenses by uploading their portfolios and resume. You must have to be smart and cautious while using these sites to protect yourself from activities such as cyberbullying.

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