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One of the most important philosophical theories is free will and determinism on which several philosophers provide their prominent opinion and results of the study conducted.

The expression determinism connotes the changes that occur in human behavior due to external as well as internal factors or to called variables.

On the other hand, free will is the determination of the person or to call as an ability that stimulates the same to take a decision and free will does not include any kind of influence, persuasion, compulsion, force, threat, indictment, abetment, aid, etc.

Essay Example on Free Will And Determinism Philosophy

Introduction – Free Will And Determinism Philosophy

With the help of understanding the determinism approach of psychology, one can easily understand human behavior and predict the changes that might occur in human behavior due to variables.

In the understanding of the deterministic description, the psychologists foresaw the individual behavior just like experiments in the branch of science works.

The free will and determinism theory play a crucial role in the psychology branch that helps in understanding how the stimuli of the individual works and what are the factors that affect the free will of the person.

Main Essay Body – Free Will And Determinism Philosophy

Watson belief determinism and free will

  • Determinism according to Watson refers to that one event or state of affair is interconnected with another event or state of affair. And this implication of determinism is to the extent correct because any event is persuaded by a preceding event that took place in the life of the person.
  • The term free will according to Gross is the personability and understanding that enable the same to act and react in a given situation.
  • There are different approaches and limitations of different psychologists regarding free will and determinism and the same helps in understanding the concept in depth.
  • However, the differences between philosophers and psychologists still exist in today’s era regarding free will and determinism.

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Factors affecting free will

  1. It is affirmed that behavior is affected by external as well as internal factors such as guardian motivates it child to perform better may affect the behavior of child affirmatively.
  2. Another possibility of behavior is that the internal factor is determined by the hormones of an individual. But the supporters of free will believe that a person has the freedom to choose and take the decision of their life independently. But the arguments between free will and determinism can be concluded by the answer, does if a situation occurs according to their will?
  3. The advocates of the deterministic approach would not support this argument. Notably, many psychologists supported free will. On the other hand, behaviorists believed that there is a certain type of system that stimulated the behavior of an individual.

Determinism is supported by more theories in psychology than free will.

  • Behaviorists approach

The behaviourists believed that there she certain principles that affected and governed the universe, as they reaffirmed that any action that is acted by the person is initiated by a certain pressing event. So the behavior of a person foretells with the help of identifying the preceding events and how the same would likely behave in given circumstances. One of the prominent psychologists believed that behavior is highly influenced by ecological factors and free will is mere illusion and nothing else.

  • Neobehaviourists

On the other hand, Bandura, a neo behaviorist opposed the determinism theory and believe in external factors that are accountable for human behavior.

He believed that human behavior is determined by the environment and via observational learning.

As an instance, a kid in the society is influenced by several things that are around them such as television, phones, gadgets, games, parents, or other person behavior.

Not only this, they catch and behave in the same manner and practice such behavior in their life.

The behavior of the human can be understood by furnishing them reward or stimulus is used to motivate their behavior.

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  • Skinner philosophy

Skinner strongly advocated that humans behaviour is encouraged by the variables that existed in the outside world and when such behaviour is determined by way of compulsion or punishment then free will could not exist. Free will is the antithesis of force, compulsion, coercion, inducement, favor, etc.

And the best example of the situation is a punishment that is given in case a person commits any offense. Whereas positive reinforcement also works in shaping human behavior such as surplus payout in case of overtime.

  • Freud philosophy

One of the followers of the determinism theory is Freud and he suggested that people are driven from their unconscious feelings. He also supports the psychodynamic approach internal techniques that can assess the type of behavior, a person could reflect.


In concluding the argument between free will and determinism, human behavior can be motivated by various factors that exist in the world, and sometimes certain factors help in making decisions.

In this essay, we discussed the different views of both sides in-depth to provide you with an understanding of what each side believes so you can form your own opinion.

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