The Two-Faced King and Queen: Appearance vs Reality in Macbeth Essay Sample

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In the essay, the topic covers the two-faced king and queen: appearance vs reality in Macbeth describes the illusion that is often perceived by humans to stay happy and prosperous but the reality of the same is entirely different. In Macbeth, Shakespeare explores the difference between how things appear to be versus reality. Characters are often fooled by appearances and do not realize how their actions may affect them in the future.

In this essay, we will discuss how Shakespeare explores these themes through several characters and scenes from his play.

Essay Sample on Appearance vs Reality in Macbeth

Thesis Statement – Appearance vs Reality in Macbeth

The appearance versus reality themes in Macbeth demonstrates how Shakespeare uses contrasts between illusion and reality to show the corrosive effects of ambition and evil on human nature.

Introduction – Appearance vs Reality in Macbeth

All great works of literature contain some element of duality – something for the author to explore, like good and evil, cruelty and kindness, or love and hate. These contrasts represent two extremes that can be examined from many angles. In Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth,” the theme of appearance vs. reality allows us to take a deeper look at how even apparently insurmountable obstacles can be overcome through effort and determination; how seemingly insurmountable temptations should nonetheless be avoided at all costs; how cruel heroes are ultimately low by their own sins; how the ultimate victory of good over evil is brought about through selflessness and sacrifice; in short, how even the direst circumstances can be improved if one has the courage to take charge of his or her own life in order to make something worthwhile out of it.

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Main Essay Body – Appearance vs Reality in Macbeth

Once upon a time, Sanal Edamaruku stated that in love, people often choose to believe illusion over reality and are unable to face the consequences therein.

Yet, a true belief is that any person is more blended towards the situation that is its donation and does not face the harsh reality which makes the person not only disappointed but hopeless. It is a common find trait in humans that make a mistake in coming to conclusions about any other person too fast.

In the words of William Shakespeare, the reality is hiding in an isolating room and such people often act in a manner that they could not do any wrong and they are entirely right.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that people often move and choose the path of illusion that seemed to be simple to them rather than having real or horrible consequences.

The essay covers such an illusion as well as the reality that is followed by the person via the fabricated understanding that does not seem so. In the Macbeth of William Shakespeare, he describes how a person can perceive anything in life and remain in the dark underneath.

It also describes the illusions carried out by the people to portray their identities in front of the world and face horrible consequences therein.

It is one of the most famous and popular plays of William Shakespeare that comprises of several acts and in the very first act, it describes the theme of appearance distinguished the reality factor when Macbeth communicated to the king and turned to a thane.

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Macbeth urges in the play that he is eager to kill king Duncan and conquer the throne of Scottish as a result while on the other hand, it also stated that let light could not see my dark and deep desires.

In this statement, he uses metaphor to describe this emotion where he takes light as a character of goodness and dark, deep, black as a symbol of the evil or wrong which he is going to commit.

Because he wanted that every other person in the world should pursue him as a good man and this is the reason he portrays two identities therein.

In the act, it also illustrated that Macbeth and the lady conspired about the murder of the king were the last states that be as innocent as a flower but work like a serpent within.

Moreover the last also plan with a cunning intention about how to go and kill the king. Lady stimulates the intention of the king regarding its killing and drives him to look innocent before the king as a welcoming host.

This would help him and no one would be able to identify his cunning move behind his innocent appearance so act wisely.

In the first instance be an innocent flower and then act like a serpent by killing Duncan. She also calms Macbeth by saying that don’t worry about the killing of the king but he continues to think about the same and react that false heart can’t hide behind the false face.

He said that he will have an innocent appearance in front of the world even though he is planning to kill the king and this is the reason he used a false heart.

Such False heart is within the ambit of appearance vs reality and where Lady could easily read the true side of Macbeth. It is hard for Macbeth to hide their true identity or to alter his appearance under false face to others.

Now, the second act where lady motivates Macbeth to portray a good side to others. She encourages her husband to show himself as a humble, polite abs kind man but in reality, be a serpent, she states that have a sword in your smile and this reflects that humans often have a smile on their face and behind such smile, they are planning something cunning or evil.

Such a smile is just fabricated to fulfill their true intentions and it was not only Macbeth who does so but his wife also portrays the same to be the world.

In act three of this play, appearance versus reality is explained when Macbeth persuades Banquo at his place for dinner. In doing the same, the lady encourages her husband to be a kind welcome host and behind it, they know that they are planning to kill Duncan.

In having a conversation with Banquo, both Macbeth and his beloved wife know their true identity and the guilt they hold but have to hide their true identities.

In the two next following acts, the theme of appearance versus reality prioritizes the external as well as internal actions where one of the witches states that something cunning is about to come this way and express the true identity of Macbeth.

They revealed that Macbeth is a wicked, cunning, mean, and cruel man. This makes Macbeth curious to know about his future and went to witches.

However, This play reiterates in the words of William Shakespeare that one can go to any extent to hide their true identity or true intentions just to portray their good side and in doing so they could even kill any person.

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In conclusion, the theme of appearance vs reality is prevalent in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The play is all about how appearances can be deceiving and that what you see may not always be what you get.

The conclusion of this essay is that appearance and reality are not the same in Macbeth. This may be because he doesn’t know what to do with his power, or it could just be a reflection of man’s inability to fully understand himself. Either way, we can see how these two concepts play out through Shakespeare’s work and how they affect its characters’ lives.

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