Traditional Media Vs New Media Essay Example

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Traditional media and new media are two different methods of getting information to the public. Traditional media is using television, radio, newspapers, or magazines while new media has grown because it can be accessed through computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

Essay Sample On Traditional Media Vs New Media

Thesis statement – Traditional Media Vs New Media Essay

The new media is more concerned about the problems of the masses and the poor public through print and electronic sources. On the contrary, traditional media was much focused on news associated with high-class people and government functioning.

Introduction – Traditional Media Vs New Media Essay

The trends in media are changing rapidly with the advancement of technology and awareness of people towards their rights. Earlier media used to engage with the high-profile cases and happenings of government functioning along with other global affairs. But nowadays media is more concerned about disclosing the injustice and prejudice that happens against the rights of the poor class. More the diversity of news is not limited to a given group of people like all types of happening are shown in the news unlike that of conventional media. The sources of media are also very vast these days which include social media, electronic media, and print media, and so on. When we talk about traditional media only printed news was the source in practice. Here we will talk about the evolution of media over the period of time and different aspects of conventional and new media. You will also be able to know that out of traditional and new media source which is best is for the people.

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Main Body – Traditional Media Vs New Media Essay

How we can differentiate between traditional media and new media?

There are so many aspects that separate the traditional media from that of new media. For example, the new media has spread its arms to a great extent through social media, online news portals, and websites along with printed mediums. On the contrary, when we compare it to the conventional media there were no such sources, and the only printed medium was the source to spread given news through newspapers. Thus we can see the huge gulf between traditional media and new media with crystal clarity.

How electronic media is considered superior to print media?

When we talk about electronic media it can be accessed from any place at any point of time with no obstruction if you have an active internet connection. On the other hand, managing newspapers becomes difficult and a bit expensive comparatively as well, especially in interior areas. More those who want to read more than one newspaper have to purchase all of them which becomes very expensive for middle-class people. No such issue is experienced in electronic media as you can access all types of newspapers for free of cost. So we can substantiate the fact that electronic media is far more superior to print media in the present period of time.

Digitalization in new media and its benefits over traditional media

The computer and technology advancement has brought a drastic change in new media as well apart from other important areas. Nowadays everyone prefers digital media over the traditional one because of the multiple channels and easy access to it. It is not important to carry all the newspapers and magazines with you as your smartphone is enough to keep you updated in every sphere of life. From entertainment news to informative everything is available with just a finger click. You do not have to stay glued in front of the Television at the time of news broadcasts as it is easy to watch it round the clock on various news portals and websites.

Pros and cons of both traditional and new media

The traditional media used to be very much authentic and contain a minimum number of advertisements in newspapers and magazines. But on the other hand, when we talk about the new media it is stuffed with loads of advertisements which irritate to a great extent while reading or watching a news article or video respectively. At the same time, we cannot say that new media do not have any significance as it provides you easy access to the different updates from across the globe within a fraction of seconds. When we consider orthodox media no such easy access to the latest updates can be availed by the people in printed media. But both of them have their independent benefits and drawbacks which cannot be ignored at any cost.

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Conclusion – Traditional Media Vs New Media Essay

From the above discussion on the traditional versus new media, we can conclude the essay that neither traditional nor new media is useless. Both of them have their own significance and drawbacks which cannot be ignored. But digital media is playing a great role in helping people to stay tuned with the current happenings around the world in this hectic life which is otherwise tough in the case of traditional printed media.

We cannot say that it is appropriate to ignore the print media from our life as it gives us a reading habit enhances our vocabulary and many other things. At the same time, electronic media cannot be excluded just for the sake of ignoring loads of advertisements in it. Everything is comprised of both negative and positive points and we cannot do the full justice with something by counting its drawbacks only. Thus we can say that traditional and new media both plays a significant role in our life to keep us updated with global affairs.

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