Actions Speaks Louder than Words Essay

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There are different types of academic essays that are written by essay writers at one point or another. Persuasive essay is one such essay type in which the writer persuades the readers for believing in a fact or hypothesis with valid points and arguments. A free example of the persuasive essay on actions speaks louder than words, is given here to understand its basic minutely.

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Thesis Statement

The old proverb actions speak louder than words can be considered the most authentic proverb as people only influenced by your actions and not by your speech. 


We have received so many things from history and proverbs can be included in this treasure as well. The old saying that actions speak louder than words is one of these priceless proverbs which advocates that you can influence people with your actions and not with your words.

Here we will try to analyze why this old proverb is considered relevant to this twenty-first century world. How the different sectors of life illustrate the implication of this proverb aptly. By the end, you will be able to substantiate this proverb with an example to prove its relevance in the modern period as well.

Main body

What Does Proverb Actions Speak Louder Than Words Convey?

The proved actions speak louder is very much relevant to every arena of life even though it is centuries old. The main idea that is conveyed by it is that we cannot make it possible to change someone by preaching our ideologies. If someone orates to a person for following on good line it is important to walk on a good line for the orator as well. To cap it all people are only going to believe whatever we act in front of them and not what we say to them. 

The Real-Life Scenario Where We Can Apply the Relevance of This Proverb

If we move our head in our surroundings we will come to know so many real-life instances where the proverb actions speak louder becomes relevant. For example let us consider the example of Yoga instructors who always keep on bragging to do exercise, meditation. But if they will not follow the same lifestyle by themselves nobody is going to be influenced by them.

Similarly, parents keep on asking their kids to study books and not watching TV all the time. In case parents are also making a literary atmosphere in the house children are definitely going to follow them. School teachers who ask their students to dress neatly must follow the same rule for them as well to get the best results from students. Thus we can say that in every field our actions are much more crucial than what we say verbally. 

Why Our Actions Leave a Greater impact on People than Words?

Human beings have a tendency to observe at high scale than giving attention to someone’s words. Visuals are more important than what we hear and visual memory lasts for more time and leaves a greater impact on us. When someone is asking you to follow some rules and doing the same by him appears serious about his words.

But if the situation is like a person only believes in words and not following them he is ignored by the listeners as well. Thus be can say that action has a long-lasting impact on our memory which influences us more than that of words. 

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So from the above instances, we can reach the conclusion that it is important to follow whatever you preach if you want to impress someone. Mere words are not going to help you to make people do what you expect from them. For example, if you are a teacher asking your students to be in discipline than you are also supposed to follow the same in your life as well.

At the same time mothers who keep on scolding their children for watching TV must refrain from it. The person who only indulges in giving preaches to others and not following the same path is not taken seriously by the people in general. 

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