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The evolution of the internet has changed the working of the world. The virtual world offers a platform to reach millions of customers in minimum efforts. Businesses like, etc are earning millions and billion dollars every month by using the resources of the online world. The resource used to expand the business and increase revenue is internet marketing.

Amazon is the biggest brand in online shopping industry. This website is a brand because its team has invested their time and money to make it a brand. They have excellent knowledge about the online world. They know how to target the right audience for a right product to increase sales. They are using internet marketing tools excellently to gain success in the world. This is the reason that they are ruling the online shopping industry.

The online/digital marketing tools used by Amazon to lead the online industry are as follows: –
Around 95% traffic on the internet reach their destination via search engines. It is necessary for an online business to perform well in search engine results. Higher search engine rankings not only generate the traffic but also build a brand. It is a sign that search engines trust your services to feed their users.

The team Amazon has focused on SEO and now the website is appearing in top 10 search engine results on millions of keywords related to shopping industry, clothing etc. This website is getting millions of organic traffic to its websites from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other 120+ search engines daily. The hard work of Amazon is now giving the organic results via SEO.

B) Email marketing: –

A successful company knows the value of email marketing campaign. The company is also doing the same. The company has a big collection of the email address of people based on their likes and interest. The company sends a beautiful email to its customers related to their likes and interest. Suppose a registered user search about latest mobile phones and gadgets on the website, the company feed latest gadgets and device information to the user via email campaign. A right message to right user generates lead and the same thing is followed by the Amazon to gain success from the beginning.

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C) Social media marketing: –

Social media marketing is a tool that is a boon for business. Social media generates millions of traffic daily. So, Amazon is using the power of social media to generate a lead. They are investing money in Facebook ad campaigns, Twitter ad to reach the right audience for the right product. They are also investing their capital to increase social media likes and followers on their personal page and profiles. The more the followers, the more you will reach.

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Sample assignment on online marketingThey also invest in remarketing campaigns to gain the attention of lost customers. Social media websites like Facebook help Amazon to gain the lead. Visit and then open your Facebook account, Facebook will display official Amazon official page advertisement in the news feed. In this way, Amazon will gain followers and you will get the latest updates in your news feed.

D) Search engine marketing: –

Amazon doesn’t want to lose single customers from the search engines. So, Amazon spends huge capital in Search engine marketing. Suppose a user search for “black hooded jackets” in Google search engine, and then Google will display the ad copy of Amazon in the top section before the organic search results.

The team Amazon is expert in PPC campaigns and has a great idea about the need of customers who search for the relevant keyword on the internet. They feed the best relevant information to the users to generate a lead. They invest in ad campaigns Google, yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc major search engines to gain maximum response. The company also invests on remarketing.

E) PPC/PPM campaigns: –

The Company also invests in various PPC campaigns of Google,, etc to maximize their visibility on the internet. These websites offer webmasters an opportunity to earn money from their websites. These PPC service providers display the advertisement of Amazon on multiple websites. Amazon pays these companies per click, per mile impressions etc. Amazon also uses the remarketing services of these companies to maximize its visibility.

These PPC companies use cookies for this purpose. When a user opens Amazon and will bounce from it, these companies will feed the advertisement to the users, again and again, to divert the user again on Amazon. Remarketing has increased sales of various online businesses including Amazon.

Amazon also uses cookie information to feed relevant products to the users to increase sales. When use reaches Amazon, Amazon displays multiple products in the sidebars based on the information collected by the cookie. This is the modern technique to generate the lead by displaying relevant products.

G) Affiliate marketing: –

Amazon had started affiliate marketing on its website by keeping the power of bloggers in mind. Bloggers are the second Google in the online world. Amazon had integrated affiliate software in 2006 and offers a commission to general users per sale. The software generates a unique affiliate link for every individual affiliate. When a user purchases a product from Amazon via the affiliate link, Amazon pays the money to that affiliate.

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Millions of affiliate marketers are working with Amazon to earn revenues. The aim of starting affiliate marketing is to rule the online world. Affiliate marketers write reviews, articles and do social media marketing etc things for Amazon to generate sales. Suppose a single affiliate marketer generates 1 lead for Amazon daily, then millions of affiliate marketers will generate millions of lead for Amazon daily. This is the power of affiliate marketing.

  • Amazon is ruling the online world because it has used the resources effectively and efficiently.

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