What It Means To Be An American

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When the question of being American sprouts that what does it means to be an American the first thing that strikes our head is that an American is a symbol of equality, fraternity and liberty which formed its base. America is one of the bold Economies in world that is growing with reckless speed even after holding the top position in the world level. Americans are no way behind in Health, Economy, Education and other basic necessities like that of other countries.

There are various renowned Universities in America like Stamford University and St. Andrews College for educations that are giving a good direction to education in USA. Students of these universities are assigned with different types of essays and other assignments to make them professionals in their respective fields.

These University assignments could be written by the students along with enhancing their knowledge with the help of University assignment help providers of Students Assignment Help. Talking about the freedom every American citizen has the freedom to speaks, study, eat and take a job as well. People are not trying their hard to eke out the two square of meal per day in a day here. So it could be a thing of prestige for the citizens to be an American citizen.

Talking about the security from terrorism in a general account Americans are also in relief from every other day encounter with war and terrorist attacks owing to the most powerful nation in nuclear weapons perspective. Every country thinks twice before harming us with their weapons due to our strength of arms that we have in America. So this adds one another reason why we should proud to be a citizen of this powerful nation that is America. Today every country wants to be like that of USA due to its overall development in every arena of life.

We are not in any way back in providing a safe and luxury life to us because we belong to a developed economy. Here people can fulfil their needs with regular work of average time and not like that of other countries where people are working like round the clock to save their livelihood. This is the reason why we give shelter to many job requirement people coming from other countries of the world.

America is the top most country which is a home for different types of Diaspora. Here you can find the people of all faith, religion, class, creed and descent. But they all are residing in complete harmony with each other. This is the power of America that makes it one of the safest nations for human kind. No discrimination is done to the people on the basis of their gender, class and nationality by the Americans. That is why most of the people prefer to stay in America for their livelihood that comes from international boundaries.

Apart from having so many qualities we cannot say that America is flawless, though there are many good qualities but at the same time some flaws in America also exist. It includes competition for nuclear weapons with other nations that always makes America conscious at it is not easy for Americans to let their security go to some other hands easily. But these hanker for nuclear power nation is destructive for humankind.

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There are instances when American citizens are given more rights than those who have shifted their countries of nationality to America in later part. But as the Abraham Lincoln said we cannot come up with a completely futile and useful thing at the same time. Everything has its positive as well as negative points. The best thing to keep or reject a thing is to judge that benefits must be higher than the drawbacks.

If we draw to the History of America we will come to know that it was formed on the basis of giving equality to all the people that they were not finding in Britain. Along with equality, liberty and fraternity were two other pillars behind the building up of nation. All these basic criteria of building America were very genuine which are in a way or other adopted while the formation of an ideal nation by the people of America. This gives a reason for Americans to love their country.

The most generous thing about being an American is that people are very kind and soft hearted that allow many races to grow simultaneously by following their own religion. Here people are not forced to follow the religion of nation. That is why it is the most secular country in the world. Leaders who laid the foundation of America were also very genuine to think about the rights of poor people and that is why brings the concept of equality among them.

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