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There occur various types of troubles in the completion of essays that are given during the course to students of Colleges and Universities. For example if you are assigned with an essay on topic, are advertisement aimed at teenagers effective then you might get in trouble due to lack of idea for research on it. But essay sample for graduates on the topic can work well under such circumstances. By referring to the sample various things can be understood by the students like how to write an essay by framing its outline or many other tips for writing essay can be obtained from the sample essay. Big marks or academic records can be obtained by writing the essay in correct format. Graduates are also capable of seeking the Professional assistance in writing essay introduction from the Students Assignment Help essayist anytime.

If we put a little attention on the advertisements and their target audience we can come out with the inferences that most of them are inclined towards the teenagers who get easily affected by them. We cannot give a weird statement that every advertisement is aimed to affect the teenagers because there are some of them which are for everyone in general. The reason why the big fraction of the ads is oriented towards the target audience that is teenagers is because of their age at which stage people get manipulated easily. One who is having worldly experience after the teen years is not going to be gullible like that of teenagers who have their own world and whatever they are being told; it is taken for guaranteed by them in most of the cases.

To make the advertisements teen oriented first the consumer behaviour analysis is done by the advertisers who are selling their product and once they become able to find their target teen with respect to the geographical and cultural conditions strategies for marketing the product are framed accordingly. These advertisements are created in such a way that it becomes very hard to the youth to stay away from the products which are being advertised openly. Even they starts craving for them. Statistical records shows that most of the people who are being affected by the ads and increasing the popularity of the product falls under the age group of 13 years to 19 years. Thus we can say that various advertisements through digital, print and social media have a big impact on the actions of the customers.

If we put these advertisements on the social morals then we will come to know that some of them are working like a catalyst to increase the bad habits in the teenagers, inculcating the poor idea of beauty and concept of chivalry in men. Certain types of beauty products and creams are being projected as the medium of success for women in their career and if they do not fir to the given idea of beauty it is hard to achieve their goals by hard work only. Also men are subjected to the idea of being tough by not showing their emotions through the tears and pain. Drinking alcohol and taking such other products are also projected as a symbol of chivalry in men in these advertisements which is destroying the stability of the nations throughout the world.

Although we can see the negative impact of the ads on teenagers but at the same time there are certain advertisements which are helpful to the people as well. In these advertisements there is nothing to do with the beauty, chivalry and addiction of alcohol for the teenagers and they are designed for everyone. For instance if we consider the ads which relates to the online shopping of the medicines and checking the levels of the original medicines, adds that aware the consumers towards the fraud done by the shopkeepers and information conveyed through the advertisements are also there which cannot be taken in negative way. Thus we cannot say that every advertisement is oriented towards the teenagers but yes most of them are inclined to affect this fraction of the population in a country.

The mode of advertisement also pertains to a country, for example there are nations where people including the teenagers are very much critical in analysing the things and cannot be made gullible at any cost through the ads. These people first check the authenticity of the product what seller is selling them and if they find anything wrong in the product, brand or product is ignored for the next time. Even certain nations have very strong policies in which you cannot misguide the customers for your product and strict guidance is given to the advertisers before they starts advertising that only talk about the reality and do not befool the people.

The conclusion of the essay can be withdrawn in such a way that although most of the ads are affecting the teen population in one or other way but still there are some of them which are useful to the people as well. We can prevent the wrong perception of beauty and manliness in the society through these advertisements by forcing the teenagers to think and analyse the things critically before taking anything for guaranteed. Do not believe on the others what they are saying rather try to focus on your own critical power and rational thinking before buying a certain product by reading its official description.

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