Breast Cancer Essay

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Medical science students have to deal with tricky topics of assignments for writing their essays which are based on subjects like tumours of various types like breast cancer and many others. Writing on such sensitive topics students needs to have a big hand in the research and fundamental concepts of the cancer cells and their growth. Those who have just plunged in this field cannot make it possible and need the assistance of someone experienced to help them out. This help is required for writing the essay introduction on breast cancer or thesis statement of the essay as well.

Sometimes students’ fails to understand the format of writing essay as three-layered essays are very common in trend these days. That is why essay sample of breast cancer is preferred by the student which is written by the expert writers like Students Assignment Help. Here is such a sample essay on breast cancer given for the help of students so that assignments of writing essay could be completed on time with aptness.

Thesis Statement

Most of the women in global level are suffering from breast tumours and they are not even mindful of this fact till the tertiary stage. Regular routine checkups, especially after pregnancy, can mitigate this issue to a certain height.


The issue of breast tumours is increasing day by day even when the people are getting more and more aware about their hygiene. The results of breast cancer could be drawn from the mutation during x-rays and other such technology-driven process and not always associated with lifestyle. The increasing number of breast cancer cases needs the attention of those who are doing research on such issues from a long time. Something must be done in order to detect this disorder at the very beginning so that treatment could be done on time. Here in this essay we are going to discuss about the cause, symptoms and diagnose of the breast cancer in depth so that this problem can be checked to a certain limit.

Main Essay

Go through the various aspects that are given about the breast cancer in this essay and then you will be able to frame a view of your own on this serious topic.

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What is the cause of Breast Cancer in World?

Although every two women out of ten are suffering from these diseases but still the rigid causes behind the breast cancer are still not clear to researchers and doctors. Some of them trace its beginning from the shitty lifestyle and others say it is because of mutation physical and biological both. Whatsoever is the cause of breast cancer, it needs to be mitigated from the roots as soon as possible to make the world free from this problem.

Efforts that are being made by World level organizations to check Breast Cancer

World health organization is the chief health organization at global scale which looks after this issue more seriously. That is why various actions has been taken so far by it which includes regular checkups of the lactating mothers and pregnant women so that their problems could be detected early if there is any issue. But still there are people who do not bother to visit hospitals for these routine checkups owing to their hectic lifestyle or unawareness. That is why certain other actions must be required on the part of WHO that can make it possible to make world free from breast cancer issue.

Consequences of breast Cancer in Lactating Women

A lactating mother is transferring all its nutrients to the infant through breast feeding. Although cancer cells cannot spread through milk but still there are certain harmful chemicals that pass to the infant through mother in this state. More lactating women need to take care of their breast cancer as this the major stage where the chances of such tumors are at the high scale. So in order to keep the baby and mother safe it is crucial to get the doctor’s appointment on regular basis after the delivery of baby.

How to bring changes in lifestyle to reduce the possibility of breast cancer?

If you really bothered about it that you do not touched by any tumour cells then make sure to maintain the proper hygiene and go for regular checkups. This will reduce the risk of death from breast cancer and you will be able to get the best treatment on time.


The conclusion that could be drawn from the above essay is that personal hygiene and routine checkups can reduce the risk of breast cancer. More certain efforts could be made by the world level organization to ensure the routine checkups of those women who are not aware of this problem.

So if you are assigned with such essays then make sure that this sample essay on breast cancer is read by you. You will be able to write thesis statement to the conclusion of your essay by having an vague idea about the basics of the topic.

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