Teen Depression

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If you are asked to give your views in the teen depression problems being a student of the psychology then this Essay Assignment is of supreme importance for you. This is because you can get a number of such cases in your life as a professional which must be handled by you. But without having idea about the topic it is not possible. That is why here is a sample essay on teen depression given to the students of psychology in the form of essay assignment.

This sample is useful for those who want to submit a best piece of essay to their professors. You must be thinking of the point that this sample cannot tell us much things but that is not the truth. This is because here you will be able to understand the format of Writing Essay , essay introduction help and many other things as well. So read the following essay and have knowledge about the subject of the essay at least so that you can frame some lines in your assignments easily.

Thesis Statement

Teenagers are mostly facing the problem of depression and due to this reason their golden period of the life gets spoiled in doing nothing.


Today if we look around there is a harsh reality that is tormenting us in every way that our youth is the victim of the depression in the teenage. After number of studies and research it has been shown that number of different problems at this stage of life bring depression to them. So here in this essay we will talk about the types of problems that are encountered by the teenagers and how to overcome this problem to get rid of the major issue of teenager depression. Also reasons which subject the youth towards this quagmire are enumerated in the essay below to give a deep idea about the seriousness of the problem. So go through the following essay and have your own ideologies about the subject to come up with unique inferences on the topic of the essay.


Read the essay given here about the teenager’s problem and try to figure out the critical points for this subject. You will be able to grab a lot of knowledge on the teenager’s problems from this essay.

What are the Reasons behind Teenager’s Problems

Teenager’s problems are mainly due to their career and other life goals. Some of them are depressed owing to their relationship with the partner and others who are the victim of low self-esteem are also going through depression. One of the major issues that must be addressed here is that they are also tortured by the parents in many cases for poor academic performance as well. That is the reason why teenagers are facing a severe problem of depression. So we should look after this tension very minutely to find a solution for it.

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Types of Problems that are faced by Teenagers

The major problems that are described above are the regular part of the teenagers but apart from that, there are certainly other issues as well which keep on haunting them at one point or other. For example, if we consider their interests in a particular part of life then parents are not happy with their choice and eventually, a tension starts arising between the child and parents. These types of issues affect the mind very hard when someone is going through his teen years of life. Restriction in selecting a life of choice and pulling the leg in every affair of the teenagers by parents makes them depressed and they fail to get stable in life.

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How to override Teenage Problems and troubles effectively

In order to override the problems of teenagers, parents have to be very much supportive of their children. There must not be restrictions on every single act of the children as it can hurt their sentiments to a great level. More those who are being harassed by society for their behavior also feel ashamed and get into depression. So make sure the company of your children is good for their well-being.


The essay on teenager’s depression brings inferences that there must be a support of the parents to their children at every step. Especially when it comes to their teen years this is because these are the most crucial years of the life and if your child will get into depression then this golden era of his life is going to be consumed by the termite of depression. So ensure a growth of his career and give every needed support that he expects from his parents.

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