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If you are fed up with the editing of your research paper for the pattern and structure it is the high time for reading a sample of research paper. This is because it is hard to understand the different format of writing assignments without the sample. You will be able to write best format of your assignment through reading and understanding the Outline of Research Paper from the sample given by Students Assignment Help. Here is a sample research paper on conservation of energy written by the professional writers to give support for the students.

Thesis Statement

Energy conservation is a big challenge in front of the modern population owing to the increasing consumption and limited sources. Certain important steps must be taken for conserving energy for future generations.


Conservation of energy means saving energy to the use of upcoming generations of human being. But there are number of obstructions in the modern time which is not facilitating this task for the world. For example, day by day human being is getting more and more dependent on the technical machines which consume energy indirectly or directly. This rising consumption and limited resources of the energy give rise to the serious pressure on the energy resources. Although certain initiative has been taken from time to time to reduce the pressure on energy sources but they are not proven out that much effective so far.

Solar energy sources and wind energy are some of these important initiatives that have been taken by the intellectual people of the society or world at large. So here we are going to discuss the problems and hindrance that block the way of conservation of energy. Also, some solutions will also be suggested to the people regarding this problem so that an in-depth understanding of the topic could be gained.

Main Body

Get deep insights on energy conservation and its importance from the subject matter experts of this topic. You will be able to develop your critical thinking on the topic by going through the following points regarding the conservation of energy.

What are the main obstructions that block the energy conservations path?

Although every nation is trying its best to impart a good role in the conservation of energy but still the rising demand of the energy in different forms is putting every effort to the vein. Talking about the massive increase of vehicles on the road and excessive dependency on the technical gadgets’ they are creating an extra pressure on the useful energy sources at global scale. Due to these hindrances not even a single country is able to lower the pressure on energy sources in any way. Even many intellectual people are trying to find out something good in its alternative so that the demand of energy sources could be lowered with a magnificent amount.

How to save Energy by overriding the hindrance in its way?

The major hindrances that blocks the way of energy saving are discussed in depth above so the point is that if these are the problems then how to deal with them aptly. Well certain initiative could be taken like finding alternatives for the energy sources. Solar energy is the major theme in this arena and that is why it must be developed to a great extent. Although the idea of solar energy is very old but still it is not implemented to that much level. We can fulfill huge demand of the energy with solar light energy creation. Wind energy is a good alternative that could be used for energy creation as well. So if you are really bothered about this matter just try to adopt any of the two in your life to make globe rich of energy.

Importance of energy conservation in present time

The importance of conserving energy is an unbeatable issue in the present time especially when there is no other source of energy creation. We are totally dependent on energy for our basic needs even and if we will not save it for now it will get consumed in the future totally. So this evokes the importance of energy conservation for every person who is the part of this earth.


The conservation of energy is important to save the future generation from the lack of energy at all. This could be done by using solar energy and wind energy. There is a huge need of developing the panels of solar and wind energy so that the demand of the energy could be fulfilled along with substantiates growth of the energy as well.

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