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Essay writing assignments form a very basic part of the life of school and college students in almost every other educational institution. Critical essays are assigned to those who are prepared for analysing and research purpose in future. Students in the higher studies are more often given critical as a part of the coursework. Critical essay examples for graduates in such state work very well to complete their assignments on time. The understanding of the essay becomes very pertinent by the example for college students. So if you want to take the help of the experienced critical essay helpers then buy critical essay help online from the Students Assignment Help website at any point of the time. Round the clock services are available from the top experienced writers having decade long expertise in this field.

What is a Critical Essay?

A critical essay as the name suggests for itself is written on a given topic by understanding the both aspects in positive and negative way to find the results on it. Writing a critical essay involves the application of applying appropriate research methods and apt format of the essay as well. If you are writing these essays for school then sample critical essay for school and for that matter college are written by the Students Assignment Help experts for the children. Critical Essay Writing Help to the master students can also be taken by asking the professionals to write my critical essay before the deadline passes away. Even in case of emergency, there is complete favor done by the essayist by giving the emergency critical essay writing services to school and University students.

Example of Critical Essay for College Students

The critical essay example is important when there occurs the need of writing it in the format and proper exact structure. That is why students manage a sample written in the form of example for such essays on By reading the example graduates become able to frame the outline of critical essay assignments which is very crucial to understand. Most of the essays that falls under this category are written in a structure and pattern of three layers and you can get an idea here that how to write a three-layered essay for your assignments of writing a critical essay. The following example of critical essay is written on the topic of globalization for the clarity of the way of writing these essays.

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Thesis Statement

Globalization is although leading us towards a more dynamic world but at the same time it is making the survival tougher as well by increasing the level of competition.


The distance between the countryside and main cities is getting reduced with the increasing number of transport mediums and the extension of the facilities in remote areas. At the same time citizens who were involved in the traditional business are now moving towards professional careers in cities. This is raising the competition to a certain height as well. Here in this essay we are going to discuss about the signs as well as drawbacks of the impact of globalization on the life of people working in the cities.

Main Essay

What are the Positive Impacts of Globalization?

Well, the tremendous growth in the trade and increase in the export is giving a market to the local cultivators to sell their products. At the same time people who were engaged in the orthodox careers are now able to get the exposure of new career choices they have out of their conventional businesses. This is how we can cite the importance of globalization in our lives to a core level.

Globalization Boon or Bane for the People

Although the effect of globalization in positive sense can be taken for consideration as aforesaid, but at the same time there are many negative instances associated with it. For example when people starts coming out from their traditional jobs they create a more tough employment market for the others. Nobody wants to continue their old business and thus it becomes hard to fulfill the demands of those practices. This is how we can say that globalization although brims up our lives with a new ray of the hope towards the dynamic shift but at the same time it has its own negative consequences as well.

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The conclusion of the essay says that we have kept the foundation of a developed world but still there are miles to go. We have to create lots of jobs, find the alternative for the task that earlier were being done by the conventional people involved in it. So it is good for development but needs to be given attention for maintaining the balance between development and stability in the societies.

How to write a critical essay for College Assignments?

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