Differently-abled Student’s Education Essay Example

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Thesis Statement

Inclusive education is very important for differently-abled students for their social upbringing. But regular schools need to be modified for their infrastructure that suits these students along with making changes in the way of teaching.


The differently-abled children are supposed to acquire special education by the tutors and teachers having expertise in the education of students with special needs. But, there are different types of problems that are being confronted by these students in schools designed for the education of these students. For instance, sometimes regular teachers who have no idea about special education are involved in the teaching of these students. At the same time, there are different other issues like poor infrastructure development in the schools of children with special needs. Recently the concept of inclusive education came into the spotlight which facilitates the learning of differently-abled people in regular schools. But there are many issues and concerned raised for this concept of inclusive education by the people as well. Here we will talk about the different problems of differently-abled students and their solution.

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Main Body

What are the problems of differently-abled children?

There is not a single problem that is faced by the differently-abled students in their school years as well as at the time of getting jobs. For example, most of the countries have started providing education to such students but not proper buildings. Those who cannot walk from one classroom to another by ascending the stairs are not having the facility of a ramp to pull their wheelchairs. Others having a visual impairment are not given with the aids that can help them to reach the classrooms easily.

    Not only infrastructure but at the same time tutors are also not available in the schools and inexperienced faculty try their hand in this arena to educate people. More psychotically and emotionally these people are derogated to the core by the arrogant tutors by making fun of their visual and locomotory impairments or for that matter any other problem they are confronting. All these things obstruct the differently-abled students to get enrolled in the special education providing schools.

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Reasons that back the cause of failure in inclusive education

Inclusive education is a way of teaching differently-abled students in regular schools where all other students take their education. The main idea behind this concept of education was to provide the same confidence and exposure to the differently-abled students which others are having in the school. But the concept does not take much sheen and starts lingering in the first phase only. Here are a few causes that are responsible for the failure of inclusive education for differently-abled children in school given below.

  •   The difficulty for the teachers to tackle a class where every student requires the personal attention of the teacher.
  •   Bullying of the differently-abled children by the classmates for their impairments which affect them psychologically.
  •   No special aids and infrastructure in regular schools like ramps or lift that is required by the differently-abled children to make it possible for their classes.
  •   Poor experience of teachers in giving education to differently-abled children due to which these students lag behind in learning to that of others.
  •   The success rate of homeschooling by online teaching to differently-abled

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The trend of homeschooling is very much in the news these days, especially for the differently-abled students. This is because the online tutors are very much helpful in learning to those who are not able to walk on their own. It is very easy to sit in a place and grab all the lectures online by sitting in the same place for a long time without changing the classrooms. At the same time, students find them in a comfortable zone where nobody can bully them for their impairment.

Talking about the success rate of homeschooling it is not seen that much effective for the overall growth of an individual. This is because social exposure is totally lacking in this type of education which imparts a big role in the development of a human being. More the classroom study help students to solve their queries instantly on the contrary in online education students get their answer after the class. This destroys their understanding of the entire lecture of that particular day. That is why we can say that homeschooling can work when you are also doing school visiting as well.

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Why it is important to give special education to differently-abled students?

When it comes to the education of children who are differently-abled the first idea that strikes into our head is special education for such students. Even there are so many schools who are involved in providing special education to the differently-abled students. But have you ever thought why the concept of special education school arises and why not these students get admitted in the regular schools? Well, there are multiple reasons that are responsible for it.

The psychology of the differently-abled students used to get hurt when their classmate reply with high speed on the same questions which they take time. More or less they start getting a feeling of self inferiority and it is not easy for teachers to handle a class with different students by providing attention individually to each one of them. That is why intellectual people come up with the concept of special education.

How to solve the problems faced by differently-abled students in the education system?

Nowadays technology is serving as a hot cake in every direction of life, for example, the concept of homeschooling is also coming in the limelight. So those who cannot make it possible to the school can also grab education from online tutors. At the same time, regular school’s infrastructure should be molded out as per the comfort of the differently-abled students and not much investment is required for it. Inclusive education should be given by dividing the classes into small sections as per the capabilities of the teachers to handle the students. More the issue of bullying in the class must be controlled by the teachers by giving punishment to such students who are involved in the pursuit of bullying. That is how we can see a different scenario in the field of inclusive education by solving the issues of differently-abled students that exist in the education system.


From the above essay, we can frame out the conclusion that it is very difficult to enroll the differently-abled students in regular schools. This is due to the various challenges faced by them. At the same time if proper attention and care are provided to solve these issues then there are chances of inclusive education for such students. The use of online teaching classes can also be tried by the students to get the best education through homeschooling via the internet. All these facts suggest that it is not easy to educate the differently-abled students who need special education. But if efforts will be made we can make it possible by hard work and good intentions to provide the best education to differently-abled children. Regular schools are the best alternative rather than a school of special education to give proper social exposure along with education. That is the reason why inclusive education is becoming important.

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