Effects Of Social Media On Communication

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Technology advancement in modern era is really playing significant role in every part of the life from medical science to the communication. If we consider the case of social media effect on the communication arena then certain interesting facts can be deduced from it. For instance the scenario and aspects of communicating with the people are changing with this growth in the social media networking sites. The purpose of this essay is leaned on the impact and changes that occurs on the way of communication over the period of time with the coming of social media into limelight.

The social media laid the foundation of connecting people to each other from national and international boundaries. Now it is not difficult or impossible to contact with your near and dear who are long away from you. Cheap cost of communication and quality communication among the two people is all due to the development of a medium for communication which is cited here that is social media. Earlier it used to takes ages for communicating with the people living in overseas boundaries due to high cost of ISD calls and lack of time or purpose to call them. But on social media you do not need to find a reason for contacting to your near one as here you can share all types of information, pictures of your life moments with each other which is also a form of communication.

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If we observe meticulously then the major inferences that can be drawn from the impact of social media on the communication is the use of vocabulary. Large number of short forms and abbreviations are being used for the exchange of ideas and dialogues over the social networking sites. As a result of which a new type of vocabulary is coming into existence which is common among all the people. This vocabulary and terms are even being adopted by the standard dictionaries of the world level universities as well. For instance we can consider the example of various slangs and words that are used by the people commonly are included in the standard dictionary of the Oxford and Cambridge as well.

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The growing craze of getting connected on the social media is not only associated with the positive impacts only but at the same time there are many negative points in this sort of communication as well. For example people are now much fascinated towards the social media communication on various social networking websites and fail to give time to their family and friends who live near to them. So in the race of getting hooked up with the relationships which are far away from you, there are chances of losing the one who live near to you. To cap it all we can say that social media is affecting those relationships which are far important than those to whom we are giving our entire time.

The negative and positive impact of the social media on communication can be seen from the above discussion where people are although taking the benefits of connecting to their relatives who are living in the far flung areas. But at the same times we can see the increasing instances of the dilution of bond between the near relatives of the people as social media work as a barrier to keep this bond intense. Thus we can say that the effect of the social media on the communication can be seen in both aspects good as well as bad.

The most important and significant thing about the social media is that general awareness about the common things can be spread through these websites easily. This is because most of the people are connected with these sites and when an announcement is made on these websites they come to know about it immediately. That is why nowadays this media is more turning up for the purpose of advertising the business by the big and small businessmen rather than using it for connecting to the people living across the world in various locations.

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The conclusion of the essay that can be drawn from the above essay on the effects on social media on communication is that if we use it in a balanced state then it is possible to extract the maximum benefits from it. But at the same time if no attention will be given to maintain a distance between the social media and real family then you can feel the crises in your personal life. That is why it is always useful to understand the importance of people and devoting time to them according to the priority. Our first priority must be our family and then work only then we can think of the social media to manage the things in a great way.

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