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Thesis statement

The motif of the Padmavat movie is to celebrate the womanhood by depicting the strong women character in the movie.


The Bollywood movie Padmavat is directed and produced by the renowned director Sanjay Leela Bhansali which is based on the genre of Indian Historical drama. The movie casts the eminent actor Ranbir Singh, Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor.

The movie become popular across the globe and earned a big profit as well. Here are a plot summary and major theme of the movie given below. We will have a deep analysis of the movie and how it is accepted by the audience in the further part of the movie.

Plot summary

The movie is based on the unending desire of the ruler Alauddin Khilji to have a right on the queen of Mewar. To fulfil this desire Khilji even try to capture the fort of the Mewar as well. But the Kind of Mewar fights to protect his queen from Khilji. In this fight, the King gets abducted by the Khilji to whom Queen Padmavat set fee with her sharp skills and intelligent brain.

Eventually, a war occurs between the kind and Khilji where kind was murdered by the Khilji out of hatching a conspiracy on the battlefield. But Khilji never becomes successful to catch the Queen as she subjected herself to the fire instead of being taken away by the Khilji.

Main essay

  •   Major Themes of the movie Feminism: ate the womanhood as we can see the queen protesting and fighting against the enemy of their kingdom and breaking stereotypes.
  •   Distortion of patriarchy: The secondary theme of the movie is to question the gender roles and patriarchy that women are weak and not suitable for the battlefield. The movie proves out that the brain is much important for war than physical strength.

The movie is a marvellous collection of the facts and their pictorial representation. Every character plays a good role in the movie to show the plight of women how they were considered a material thing by the kings to whom they want to grab.

The best cinematography and content-full songs of the movie which show the ancient Indian culture are depicted very well. The growth of every character can be seen throughout the movie except for the first queen of the king. We can also get some glimpses of the social and economic scenario of that time in which age movie is set.


So we can draw an essay conclusion that the movie is an apt example against the gender roles and stereotypes that are associated with the women. There is a lot of example in the movie that proves the importance of women in society to protect their rights and self respect.

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