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The exploratory essays are written by exploring the topic with the support of valid arguments. They are like argumentative essays with a difference that in exploratory essays person has to determine the validity of the fact and in other essays, a hypothesis needs to be proved. Writing an exploratory essay requires lots of facts about the topic and research as well to substantiate the things. Also, the outline of the essay is divided into either a three-layer essay of five-paragraph essays. For the best understanding free sample of exploratory essay on the future of education is given here. Just read this example and write the best exploratory essay on your own.

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Thesis Statement – Future Of Education

The future of education in the world seems in a crumbling state owing to the lack of employment to people even after obtaining education of higher level.

Introduction – Future Of Education Predictions

Today if we revolve our head around the world we will come to know that almost half of the literate population is unemployed in the present time of period. As a result of which various movements that are making people aware of the importance of education are lacking its shine. People have a perspective that having a good education never leads you towards a successful career. But if we have good skills there are chances of earning lovely livelihood in such a case.

That is why people are more oriented towards professional jobs from the very beginning rather than getting into the fray of education. Here we will come to know that how the future of education is gloomy owing to the lack of employment for the educated people on a global scale.

Main Body Paragraph – Future Of Education:

How we can Map the future of Education at world level

The future of anything relies on its scope to give benefits and output in any way. But nowadays we can say that education does not meet the purpose of generating employment for the people.  This is because there is a number of people who are holding their degrees without any hope of employment owing to the high level of unemployment.

That is why people are losing hope in education for sustaining the basic needs of living an average life. So based on the above arguments we can figure out what the future of education seems gloomy for the world is coming to a few couples of decades.

Why poor nations are more prone to the uneducated population in future years

The people who are living in poor countries are more prone to the uneducated society. This is because the primary motif of poor people is to secure a livelihood from their education to live the best life. But when the jobs are limited and people are educated in surpassing number the chances of decrease in education value are very high in such nations. On the contrary, when it comes to the developed nations their purpose is not to manage good shelter and food from their education.

They read just for the sake of reading and that is why such people are more advance towards giving value to education. That is why we can say that poor nations are more prone to the uneducated world than the developed countries of the world.

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How to resolve the issue of decreasing education value in the mind of people?

The value of education should not be compared to the money that is being earned by the person from that education. This is because an educated person finds it comfortable to manage at every platform about how to present his thoughts, fight for his rights, etc.

On the contrary, it is not possible for the one who is not well educated in society. Also, the respect owed by an educated person is far higher than the uneducated person. So make sure that there must not be a comparison of education with the livelihood and earning of a person.  That is how we can stop this injustice that is being happened to education and going to happen in the coming few years in the future.

The Economic Development And Education Of The Country:  

The education and economic development of a country run hand in hand and it is important for a nation to make its people educated to grow on a national scale. There are people who are unable to give their role for the economic development of the country just because of the fact that they are not educated. So even if you are not earning a single penny if you are an educated person you can play a good role in the development of the nation on an economic scale at world level.

At the same time, those earning high chunks of money from their skills but lacks education might not be able to give a good role in the development of the country. So we can say that there should be a good value of education in a country to grow on the economy level.

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From the above essay, we can make out a conclusion that the future of education in the coming few years is not much glorious. Most of the people are not interested in doing their studies at all and those who are starting it become droppers in the middle. Each and everyone is in the race of earning more and more money.

Those who are completing their higher education are mocked by society as they do not earn that well like that of skilled people. So government should take some serious steps in saving the future of education so that the economy and other educated people of the society may not be loosed by it for not giving employment. That is how the gloomy future of education in India can be tackled to a little bit.

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