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Too often students are assigned with essay assignments by the professors which could be written by following a sample essay on that specific subject or topic. For example if you are supposed to write an essay on happiness then in that case essay sample on happiness is important for the students. This directs a student towards writing best quality format of the essay along with the introduction and conclusion without the fear of rejection. So if you are in a need of good quality essay written on happiness by experienced people then have a look on the following essay on happiness written by Experts of Students Assignment Help.

Thesis Statement

Happiness is the main cause of remaining diseases free and positive vibes around the person spread happiness in every corner.


People try out different formulas for being happy but none of them come up with a successful result from these formulas. The purpose of being happy is to live life freely without any hiccup. But there is no method of being happy you cannot just go your life awesome by getting involved in your past and future. The right thing to be happy is to remain active in the present moment. That is why most of the scholar tries to drill in the skull of people that the secret of being happy is to live your present moment and not getting worried about the past and present. In the following essay we are going to discuss about the things that are associated with being happy in multiple aspects.

Main Essay

The essay that is written in the following part is going to provide you an analytical view on the happiness. The purpose of being happy, how to become happy and significance of happiness is discussed here very minutely.

What is the main purpose behind being Happy?

Happiness is not just associated with showing off your fortune to the people and then bragging out your success through the money that you gave earned. It is something more than it and brings a new freshness to your life. You can be rich but at the same time it is not important that a rich person is always happy in his life. The main purpose of happiness is satisfaction where all your longings and wishes came to an end. Enjoying humanity is the supreme purpose of being happy which the greatest happiness for mankind is.

How positive vibes are responsible for spreading Happiness around you?

When you are not having negative emotions that surround you like agony, wrath, jealousy, hatred and revenge then you are living a balanced life. All you need to do is that just get surrounded with the positivity in every direction that covers you. This positivity is going to create vibes that keeps a person always happy in his life. That is the reason most of the people remains optimistic in their life even if they do not have the expectation of getting happiness from anywhere.

Things that can resist the gloomy decorum surrounding you

The first and foremost task that you are supposed to do for maintains a positive atmosphere near you is to exclude the gloomy shadow of people who are always pessimistic in their life. The most crucial part in life is not gaining more and more things but to save the one that has been given by the grace of god. Try to get yourself satisfied with the things that you have at the moment and do not run here and there in search of money, power, beauty and all. All these are going to be in vain once you get older. So be a wise person and try to understand the importance of having happiness in your life which is of utmost happiness.

Consequences of being Happy for the health

Well said by a great philosopher that health is wealth which is the utmost truth in the modern time. If you are not healthy in such case it would be hard for you to enjoy your life at that level. All the happiness goes into vain when someone is suffering from an injury or a psychological disorder. So make sure that you are not getting trapped in any such disorder and be happy always for your good health.


So we can reach out on an inference that a healthy body could be gained by remaining happy and that is why most of the people try to be happy in their life. This happiness is a result of getting in touch with the optimistic people.

Complete your essay on happiness by following this sample and you can manage the correct structure and layout of your assignments with this sample. More three-layered essay structure could be understood by the students easily from this sample.

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