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This topic we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of internet. There are different types of essays that are assigned to the students in college and writing contrast essay on internet advantages and disadvantages are one amongst them. A compare and contrast essay writing is done comparing two different text, perspectives and ideas on parallel grounds. One should be very much clear about the subject of the topic on which comparison is being done while writing contrast essays. The comparison must be done in such a way that a balanced and unbiased approach is retained throughout the essay on Internet Advantage and Disadvantage.

The outline of such essays remains similar to those of other five-paragraph essays which include the thesis statement, introduction, body, conclusion, and bibliography. For better clarity and understanding, you can go through the compare and contrast essay sample given below on the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

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Thesis statement on Internet Advantages & Disadvantages Essay

The Internet can be considered as boon and vane for society as it comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. It depends upon the user how he or she is using it to give a new dimension to life.

Introduction for Internet Pros & Cons Essay

The early nineteenth century is witness to the massive boom in the internet and technology which can also be referred to as the era of science. The coming of the internet in the 19th Century is again a big leap of technology. It made life so easy that we were able to get the information from all corners of the world in just a click.

But like well said by a philosopher there are always two phases of a coin and similar is the case with the internet. It brings both positive and negative consequences to a human being in multiple ways. Here we will subject the coming of the internet to both positive and negative contrast to figure out their useful and harmful consequences. By the end of the discussion, you will be able to get a critical approach towards the internet and its applications. You will also be able to know the overall impact of the internet on the life of human being here.

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Main Body

Here are some important points and arguments that will help you to understand the positive and negative impact of the internet on human life. The parallel comparison of both the advantages and disadvantages of the internet can be seen in the essay.

Why the Internet is a boon for society?

If we revolve our head with utmost attention it is very easy to find out the applications of the internet. From, helping us to collect information from across the globe to online business ventures, food delivery and many other things are possible with the help of internet. The Internet also serves as a cheap medium of communication to people from around the world through various social networking sites.

Training employees, E-learning programs, defence training, and so many other things are possible today with the help of internet. Even it is serving big Juggernaut in the healthcare sector as well by making it possible to communication for online surgery from aboard. So we can witness a lot of meaningful benefits of internet these days which make our life easy.

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Harmful elements of Internet

There are some drawbacks that are also associated with the internet over a period of time. For example, the internet brings harmful electromagnetic rays with it which are very harmful to the human body. At the same time, some kids and even adults spend their majority of time on the internet which put a deep impact on their vision. We cannot forget the problems such as migraine, high blood pressure and even mutation causing cancer which also result on the internet.

The issue of internet security and data robbery are also rising with every day. The cyber crimes and rise in terrorist communities are also blooming under the umbrella of the internet by contacting through social media. We cannot forget the depression caused by online video games which compel people for suicide as the biggest negative impact of the internet on human life

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The overall impact of the Internet on human life and its relevance

Although we can admit both positive and negative consequences of the internet still it is very hard and impossible to divorce its use. Half of our life is running these days with the help of the internet and we cannot have any choice to accept this reality.

Everything comes with its positive and negative points and so is the case with the internet. The numbers of advantages that we fetch from the internet surpass the count of its disadvantages and that is why we cannot afford to refrain from using it.

Comparison Table – Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages of InternetDisadvantages of Internet
1.Useful in online business.Can cause a threat to the online business data through poor cybersecurity.
2. Serve the best medium of communication through social networking sites.Social networking sites sometimes become a convenient way of communication for terrorists.
3.E-learning programs can be operated with the internet.People with special needs sometimes find trouble in using e-learning method to study.
4. Provides information from the different corners of the world.This information feed major terrorist group to create terrorism.
5. The government decisions and actions become transparent as data can be accessed from anywhere, so less corruption.The easy availability of important data sometimes causes an issue of cybercrimes.
6. Internet is a good source for cross-cultural merge up.The uniqueness of different cultures is shrinking with globalization impact.

So from the above comparison and arguments, we can extract a conclusion on the topic that the internet serves as the most significant part of our life today. From sending a message to our friends to running an online business everything is being done with the help of the internet today.

So if we will start ignoring its importance by clinging to the negative points our life can be subjected to multiple challenges. We should use it for positive means by keeping an eye to lower the harm of internet on our life. That is how we can maintain a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

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