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Thesis Statement

This essay talks about my joint family in which we used to have a lot of fun and enjoy by being together. A various glimpse of this happiness of togetherness are described in the essay below.


Like every other family we have our own family history which is illustrated here in details to the readers. The essay talks about how we used to live under a single roof and we have no need to set appointments to ask our elders for dinner. These joys of togetherness bring certain values in us as well like how to be happy among the people of different nature and hope. What is the result of being in togetherness could be found in this essay. Readers will come to know about the instances that separate us from a joint family to a nuclear family in recent time.


Here a detail description of the family history is given to let you know about the era of happiness that used to exist in our life. Each and every single detail is given in this essay for the better clarity of things.

How Did Our Family use to live under a Single Roof?

It dates back to the days when we were small kids and our grandmother used to feed us with a variety of dishes. Every day was like a festival for us as we were not supposed to go out for school and used to sit in the vicinity of our grandmother to listen the different stories from her. We used to dine together and no one was supposed to watch television at the time of food. This is how we were spending our days happily. My parents were also very melodious towards us and everyone who visits our home at that time was bringing some refreshments to us.

What are the Values that we learn by living in Joint Family?

The joint family nit only gave us happiness but at the same time we adopt many values from our elders as well. For instance, living happily and ignoring the mistakes of others is the most important feature of residing in a joint family. That is what happened with us. We never fight with each other our siblings and always used to abide by the instructions of the parents whatever they ask us to do. More patience, compromise for small things and becoming happy in the joy of others are some important things that we gained from our family history. The roots of love in between the family members could easily be traced in those days.

Causes that Separated the Family in little pieces

As well said by a great philosopher that every good thing comes to an end eventually similar happened in our case as well. My grandmother died of cholera and we remain behind with the parents. As our age was gradually increasing we were sent to a school where the boring routine make us remind of the old days and then the pressure of study starts suppressing our joy of being with the grandmother. We used to miss her for the entire long day, be that in the school hours or in the evening. Even the parents fail to continue the same routine of dining together owing to their jobs and all that we find around us was chaos in life.


The above essay draw a conclusion that it is very positive thing to live in a joint family as it teaches values to us. But at the same time due to time constraints and technology-driven lifestyle we cannot suppose to cope up our life in joint families. This is how the family history has been narrated and it gives us a lesson that we should do something to save the ancient culture of staying together happily.

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