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The vast array of technical gadgets and equipment make it very possible to generate nuclear power with the help of nuclear reactors and other equipment. This power can be utilized in positive as well as a negative way to destruct the human lives. Those who are doing their studies in this field have to understand the applications, uses and harmful effects of such reactions. That is why essay on nuclear power are given to the students by their professors. The sample essay on nuclear power to graduates which is written here by the experienced and top-rated essayist of the Students Assignment Help is very crucial to understand the concept of nuclear power for college students. There is a support of the sample in preparing the best outline of the  nuclear power essay as well. So go through the following sample and complete your essay introduction to a conclusion with complete ease and freedom.

Thesis Statement

Nuclear power which is generated with the reaction of two nuclear atoms in required conditions can be used for the welfare of the people at the same time it can also result in the massive mass destruction.


In the past couple of decades, the scenario of nuclear power is getting more and more prominent. It is catching every eye with the new and latest discoveries and inventions, a nuclear test that is being conducted by the multiple countries and much more. Those who are having the best nuclear power and weapon with them are trying to subjugate the others and vice –versa. But no attention is being given to using this energy in the welfare of society. Here in this essay, we are going to highlight the consequences of excessive use of nuclear weapons and how to control them. A brief account of using this nuclear power as a source of energy will also be included in the essay to make the readers aware of the benefits of nuclear power if used in a correct manner.

Main Essay on Nuclear Power

Why different countries are in a hoard to become the dominating nuclear power today?

One of the major fractions that each nation is paying can be considered for the nuclear power and defence system. Today, when everyone wants to be on the top of the vertical line for getting the hegemony over nuclear resources world, is being pushed towards the threatening zone. But still people are heading towards their success of becoming the top nuclear power. The main goal is to keep others in the subjugation by the threat of their nuclear weapons. But if we will not give proper attention to this movement towards the destruction of human life it can be dangerous in later part.

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Threat of nuclear power to common people of the world

Every time whenever there is a war be that civil war or world war or for that matter war between two nations, only common masses are at the serious and highest loss. The nuclear power and its development in the negative way to control the world do not involve the common masses but when it comes to confront with its consequences these are people who become victims at the primary step.

This must be stopped and only those should be the deserving people for the punishment who are involved in practising these nuclear tests and creating different weapons. We cannot establish harmony if people are getting away from humanity and involved in the pursuit of warfare.

What are the benefits of nuclear power for mankind?

As we all are aware of the fact that there are only limited numbers of resources for crude oil and it is almost impossible to rely on the crude oil for every future generation. The limited resources are going to shrink or extinguish one day from the world and at that time we would have nothing in the name of energy. But nuclear power which is generated in high level from the single reaction because of the chain reactions can replace the need of crude oil for energy.

The reason why we are not able to use it today is because of the multiple drawbacks that are associated with the use of this nuclear power. When these drawbacks will be settled, only then it can be possible to utilise the nuclear energy in a purposeful manner for the fulfilment of the needs of people. A technology is of no use if it is becoming the cause of mass destruction and not able to improve the life of human being.

How we can utilize the nuclear power in positive way for the development?

In order to reduce the pressure on our natural resources of crude oil, it is very important to have the supplement source of energy. Most of the other forms of energy like wind energy, solar energy and other resources are being used in modern time for this purpose. But the rate of success for meeting the needs of the people is very low as they are based on the possibility of sunlight and wind availability.

The knowledge of the utilization of this energy from the fission of nuclear atoms is very important as scientists are not able to convert this energy in the usable form to date. Although some success has been managed in the arena but still there are miles to go further. The enhancement of energy and nuclear power in this field can be useful to save the world from the threat of the finish of oil resources.


We can give a conclusion from the above essay that nuclear power although a very crucial invention of the technology but at the same time it is also an aspect of the topic that where it is being used. The correct use of the power significantly can give a better life to the human being but at the same time if it is utilised in the opposite direction with the purpose of setting hegemony over other nations and societies then this is sure that we are going to be in a state of chaos and mass destruction.

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