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Autonomy in nursing has become one of the biggest issues in the past time which needs everyone’s attention to the core. Nurses are not allowed to take their independent decisions and always guided by the doctors for the every small task. Medical science needs to improve these types of polices in their occupation. Students who are pursuing their education in medical science could be assigned with the assignments on autonomy in nursing which ask their views on this topic. Help from the Students Assignment Help could be taken to in the form of assignments help on autonomy in nursing. Sample essay on autonomy in nursing is written by the experts here that can guide the students to write all assignments of this sort.

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Thesis Statement

Autonomy in nursing is very important to take certain independent decisions by the Nurses. It could be a life saving step of the patient in medical science profession to give Autonomy to the nurse.


There has been a lot of debate on the issue that autonomy must be given to the nurses in their professions. Some of the people are still working in such an atmosphere that does not allow the nurses to take independent decisions. The need of taking certain powerful steps toward this direction is very important. Those who are not aware with the circumstances that could arise if nurses would not be given the autonomy in their profession can go through the following essay. This essay highlights the need of autonomy that is given to the nurses in hospital so that independent decisions or actions in emergency could be taken to save the patient with high expectancy. You will come to know that how there are so many incidences and situations when patient could be saved if autonomy were given to the nurses in their profession and they were not supposed to follow the order of doctors all the time. Applying own wit is also important for the nurses in situations where doctors are serving important surgeries and operations of their patients.

Main Essay on Autonomy in Nursing

Here is an essay on autonomy in nursing that will throw lights upon the meaning of autonomy in nursing with complete depth along with its benefits and consequences. Those who are curious to know about the importance of autonomy in nursing can go through the complete essay below so that a major thinking capacity could be made by the people or students who are assigned with the assignments on autonomy in nursing.

Meaning of Autonomy and its Role in Nursing Profession

Nursing profession is one of the most renowned professions worldwide as they serve an important role to save the lives of people along with the doctors of the world. But unfortunately nurses are not given autonomy to take free action for their profession and they are always supposed to work under the guidance and instructions of the doctors to whom they are assisting. When an autonomy is given to the nurses they can save the lives of more people because in emergency when doctor is not available a necessary treatment could be given by the nurses rather than seeking permission for that from the doctors first. So this is how autonomy is nursing can save the lives of people.

How to Get Autonomy is Nursing

If someone wants to achieve a complete autonomy in nursing it could be given by the doctor under whom a nurse is working. But that is not going to work for large number of nurses as many doctors are very much sophisticated towards their position and cannot delegate their work to someone other in the hospital. While in other cases nurses have to leave their job if they take certain wrong decision even it could be by mistake. So to get the complete autonomy in the nursing profession it is important for the nurses to have a government rule which back their autonomy in this profession. This is the high time when nurses should raise their voice to gain the rights associated with them. It is something that is really needed to save the existence of the nursing profession in this world.

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Obstructions that blocks the way of Autonomy in Nursing

The major obstructions that blocks the way of nursing in getting complete supremacy on their action as professionals is the prove that sometimes nurses take wrong decisions that take away the life of patient. There have been incidences in which nurses were allowed to give the first treatment to the patients and they gave out the wrong medicines or injections as the experience and knowledge is very important for this purpose.

These few incidences are taken as weapons by the doctors and that is why government is even in a state of limbo whether to complete rights to the nurses or not. So if you are a nurse make sure to give the exact medicine and other services so that autonomy could be established in this sector.


If you are aware of the benefits and flaws of autonomy on nursing you must be in an opinion that autonomy must be allowed to the nursing profession so that lives of innocent people could be saved who have to die due to the not availability of the doctor. Nurses are always there to check the treatment of the patient in emergency situation so they must not be limited to take action by asking them to take the permission of doctor first. It must be changed for the current scenario in which we have well educated and experienced nurses. We cannot ignore their role in the assistance of doctors for supporting them in operation theaters and normal wards.

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