Problems for differently abled Students in Classroom

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The trend of providing education to differently-abled students exists for a long time. But still, there are so many problems faced by differently-abled students in classrooms which hinder their path of learning.

The buzz about inclusive education becomes very popular in a recent couple of decades which comes with the idea of giving education to these students in regular classrooms. Prior to it, there were special schools for educating children with special needs.

The entire purpose of bringing inclusive education was to set an egalitarian approach for education among students. But in spite of implementing inclusive education, these differently-abled students come across the number of problems in the classroom.

Students Assignment Help professionals have thrown the light of these problems after a lot of research on the issue. You will be able to understand the depth of the problem by going through the following points.


  •  Poor access to infrastructural facilities: The biggest problem that hinders the path of learning for differently-abled students is the gulf of infrastructural facilities in educational institutions. The government allows the inclusive education my merging the special education institution with that of regular classrooms but do not bother about thinking about the infrastructural gap. It becomes very difficult for the students having locomotory impairment to approach several classrooms one after another without an elevator.

For example, if a student wants to visit an IT lab but he cannot afford to do so because he needs to ascend the stairs to do so. As a result of which he has to take the help of someone else which put a seed of inequality and inferiority in his brain. This finishes the entire purpose of inclusive education which is based on bringing equality among the students.


  • Inability to write assignments on deadline: Teachers in inclusive education serve the same deadline for the students without considering the writing impairment in some students. Some of the differently-abled students are visually impaired and need extra time to finish their goals.

When each one of them is asked to submit their assignments on the same deadline it works like prejudice for the differently-abled students. They become unable to give their best in the assignments and it affects their academic score as well. That is why we can say that differently-abled students have to suffer a lot amongst the other students in classrooms.


  • Social Taboos and demoralization by classmates: One of the most atrocious things that are suffered by the differently-abled students in classrooms and in society is a social taboo. There are so many social taboos that are linked to the differently-abled people by society. Some people say these differently-abled people should not study at all while others are in the perception that they cannot afford to compete with other students.

So, all these types of social taboos and bullying by the classmates lower down the confidence of the students to a great extent. As a result of which many of them drop out from the classrooms in order to escape from the tongue lashes of the people in society.


  • Lack of skilled tutors for differently-abled students: The classrooms which are giving education to the differently-abled students are also not well equipped with the skilled tutors. Those who are teaching the regular students in the classroom are asked to teach the differently-abled students as well. But a person who is teaching differently-abled students should possess special skills to read the psychology of such students.

There are so many efforts that need to be put by the tutors to keep the differently-abled students motivated towards learning despite social demoralization.  All these efficiencies and skills are not present in the tutors of the classrooms which are teaching in regular classrooms. As a result of which these students do not get the proper education and lag behind in learning.


  • Several problems faced in inclusive classrooms: The problems faced by the students are not limited to the one described so far but at the same time, many other issues are also confronted by the students. For example, they might not be able to focus on a given lesson due to the problem of autism, dyslexia, and dysgraphia. As a result of which their study remains behind as compared to other students in the class.

At the same time lack of counseling proper guidance and motivation also put the confidence of differently-abled students down. Under such problems, they find it very difficult to survive in the education system especially when it comes to inclusive education. There are so many pending actions that need to be taken in order to reach the actual purpose of inclusive education.

  • No proper facilities like hearing aids and other equipment: The other problem that is faced by the students in inclusive or even special education institutions is the lack of facilities. For example, if a person is having impaired hearing and cannot grab the lecture completely any facility of hearing aid is available in classrooms.

As a result of which his study gets hampered. At the same time, we can come across the same experience in case of visually impaired, ADHD children, autistics child, People with dysgraphia problem and so on.

The lack of all these issues gives rise to the inequality in the education system especially when it comes to poor nations which cannot afford to maintain these facilities. This is the main reason why people who are differently-abled drop out of the classrooms to pursue online courses.

These are the issues that are encountered by the differently-abled students while they are subjected to the atmosphere of regular classrooms in inclusive education. So the only choice that left with students under such scenarios is to switch for online assignments help to submit their assignments on time.

Students Assignment Help experts are offering essay writing services, research paper help and even term paper help to such students. As a result of which they can become able to submit their essays on time like that of other students. At the same time, there are so many online courses that are taken by the differently-abled students to study at their comfort level in the home.

Unfortunately, this is not the real solution for this issue and we should work towards providing equality to differently-abled students. They must get the right to study in regular classrooms without any hiccups or social bullying which limit them to online classes.

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