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Public transport is a very wonderful medium in the places where the traffic is not controlled by the system and authorities easily. Some of the cities in the world are polluted to an extent that instant requirement of launching the only public transport can be seen in these cities. Public transport can also be taken in other aspects like affordability and symbol status. For instance, those who are traveling through public transport are usually considered as people that are from the lower strata of society and vice –versa. But when private transport will have vanished from a particular society then all the people will be traveling in public transport. Thus it is helpful to remove the gulf of inequality that exists in the class system.

Now we are very much aware of the negative as well as positive of public transport as negative points can be seen in the way that public transport is not working for emergency needs. Those situations when a person needs a transport medium for health-related issues or going out on important work pose a serious threat to the people. More sometimes it becomes very unsafe for the people to use public transport owing to the security reasons of leaders and celebrities where their rivals can attack on them in open places where security is not there.

So we cannot say that public transport implementation can successfully eradicate the problem of pollution and traffic easily. This is because there will always be some drawbacks and limitations associated with their implementations in the particular given space. It is the high time to think for some other alternatives that can effectively tackle the situation of traffic and other issues associated with it. Security in the public places and transport can be implemented and special buses can be given to those who are from the important designations serving the nation in a best way.

If we will be failed to follow the proper security implementations and good public transport then the cities which are rising in pollution can never come up from the stress of private transport. The efforts that have been done so far are proving out to be very slow and lazy. Something effective must be done to clear all the troubles in one go. The reduction of pollution through vehicles on the road can be checked by planting the green belt roads but then they have their own drawbacks where cyclones and whirlpools make them dangerous on the roadside. So we can say that up to the date there is no authentic solution for the replacement of private transport by public transport to reduce its ill consequences to the people.

To conclude the essay we can say that although authorities and intellectual people are not that much successful in checking out the rising pollution from vehicles but still we have gain lot of success in this arena. The new technology is helping us to manufacture the vehicles which are emitting less pollution as compared to the previous one. Electronic vehicles are leading in the row of less or pollution-free technology. That is how we can say that technology can give a big hand to reduce the problem to a certain height.

If we will be able to come up with the vehicles that are pollution free then the issue of pollution from transport can be solved leaving behind the only tension for traffic jams on the roads. But still the hope can be kept alive so that the new ideas for confronting the issue can be deduced by the intelligent minds of the world. We can also give small contribution by walking the small distances and using pollution-free vehicles like a bicycle for traveling to our work if it is possible.

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