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Video streaming has become one of the favorite tasks of the people these days especially among the adults and youth. There are many platforms which are providing customers with this facility of video streaming like red box and Netflix etc. If you have been assigned an essay on red box then the example essay on red box competitors given here is going to help you very well. You will get an idea about the competitors of red box and how it is surviving amidst them. Just read the professional essay written here by Students Assignment Help and becomes aware of How To Write a Summary Essay on red box competitors or for that matter a long essay as well. You fill come to understand the every aspect of writing an essay very easily by going through this essay written by the professionals. The free sample essay on red box competitors which is given here will also assist you in framing the outline of the essay.

Red box is doing well in the field of giving video streaming services to the users across the world with best experience. The company started its business in the year of 2002 and since then working like a juggernaut in the supply of movies and videos to worldwide subscriber at the affordable cost. It is a different and unique experience altogether to those who have the hobby and passion to remains connected to the new movies and popular videos. Users can stream lot of videos from their Red box account by subscribing to it through paying monthly charges charged for it. This is how the business of Red box is leading in the arena. But as usual there are always some competitors and rivals in every business similar is the case with that of Red box where Netflix and such other video streaming services providers are blocking the way of flourishing Red box to peak level.

Netflix is also working on the same concept like that of Red box where people can watch number of videos and movies online without visiting to theatres and cinema halls. All new launched movies are available on this account for the users easily and that is how it gives a big challenge to the Red box in business sphere. Even if we observe the situation with greater care then we will come to know that Netflix is breaking the boundaries in its success by leaving behind the Red box and other such rivals of the business involved in this pursuit. It is very hard to survive in this business for the owners as regular and continuous efforts to improve the services are very crucial which takes a lot of time and investments as well.

On talking about the troubles that are encountered by Red box in its way while giving its services there are several. Sometimes the loss that happened to the cinema halls and theatres raise the copyright issue on it and other times there were the cases of cyber crimes where customers or user’s accounts were hacked while making payments online. All this put Red box in serious and massive trouble again and again as a result of which it starts losing its popularity and lag behind in the business to that of its rival Netflix. Now it is trying to rise from the ashes again by improving the quality of its services and gaining a lot of success again. Customers who were earlier diverted towards the Netflix are even getting towards the Red box as well. In both of these apps one of the lucrative feature is that videos can also be downloaded for later where user can watch them even if they are offline.

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The head to head and neck to neck competition between Red box and its business rivals is giving a best reason for the customers to stay connected with their services. This is because owing to this competition all the businessmen are supposed to improve their services to a great extent so that they can establish them in the market. Cheap and affordable video streaming services to the customers are possible only because of the competitors of Red box which are turning them cheaper in turn to sustain in the highly challenging market where customers have lot of choices to move from one services providers to another easily and that is too at the lowest cost with highest authenticity of the video quality and latest movies.

So the essay can be subjected to a conclusion that although Red box is really doing well in giving a new change in the aura of watching videos and movies but at the same time its rivals are very much enthusiastic to best it at any cost. The rival like Netflix is the largest competitors that Red box had had in its way of achieving success in the business. But still there are many useful initiatives that are being taken by the red box to save its eternal popularity among the users. Many users are connected to it through their emotions owing to its origin from long way back that is in the year of 2002.

The dominating video and movies streaming services givers in the world is still popular in many countries and becoming the largest platform again for this help to those who have the curiosity to watch regular movies and videos to entertain them. Some subscribe to it for the professional sort as well where aspired youth try to learn many things from these new movies like gaining experience of a particular actor in the movie and downloading a movie to watch it again and again with professional eye. So we can say that there is a long way to walk for Red box to remains in the market for long time.

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