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Biases on the basis of gender are very common in many countries which are having the patriarchal roots to them. Girls are mostly subjugated in such countries and places on the name of their inferiority and weakness in the physical sense. Most of the men in such societies consider them more powerful and strong as compared to girls of the society. Even playing a tough game which needs force and strength are only saved for the men and women got nothing to do with them.

For instance, we consider the argument that whether girls should be allowed to play in the boy’s sports team or not where society is putting the capacity and strength of girls (Women ) for judgment. The answer to this argument must be a big yes where men and women both have the equality to play sports and both the gender are nowhere less to each other.

Should Women Be Allowed To Play on Mens’ Sports Team

We can trace the roots to history were there was no such division between the human based on their sex and gender. Both men and women used to go out for earning livelihood in that period of time. So the idea that women are physically weak does not exist in the contemporary world at all. We can have the glimpses where women are working in head to head and neck to neck competition with men in the difficult jobs where physical strength is needed. As long as we are having the cliché that women cannot do a tough job we cannot bring changes to an effective reach. This strength in women must be shown by playing those games which are considered of not their level.

That is how we can say that there should be a rule where men and women both can play sports in a single team. When someone is isolated from being exposed to the tough conditions he or she will naturally become less confident about doing such tasks that is why regular subjection to strength-based work must be there for women like men. We talk about the women empowerment every other day but the real women empowerment do not exist in just giving them the right to vote and set free from the domestic violence. But at the same time, we have to think about equality in a real sense where no one is sympathizing with the women and they are able to do any work on their own.

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So the above argument of the essay can be concluded on a note that women and girls should have the right to play in the boy’s team. This will give a new beginning to the thinking that men and women both are equal in society. In trouble, they can help each other to the same proportion as that of men. The real meaning of feminism and women empowerment can be drawn by taking such initiatives which provide the best rights in a real sense to the women. The shouting of slogans that men and women are equal in society work less as compared to giving that equality through games and allowing women to work all those tasks which are saved to the men only.

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This is how we can bring the massive revolution in the society where either the sex or gender celebrate their equal rights and impart the equal role in building their nation. Most developed countries are based on this structure and that is the major reason or cause behind their success. We can have the glimpses from the developing nations which are mostly based on the patriarchal grounds and thus fail to grab that development for their country which developed countries have owing to their entire population working equally.

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