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Till now to many of us, the formation of the universe remains to be a mystery. Almost all humankind is taken up with trying to discover how the creation of everything that exists came about. What a person relationship with God is the question that has been asked throughout the history. Relationship of each person to god is unique is the perfect answer to this question. Some individuals are convinced about the divine existence of God while others are an atheist or non-believer. Whenever things go wrong people turn to god for strength and understanding.

There are many different religions followed throughout this world. These religions think over different beliefs about a personal relationship with God. There are several crucial and essential similarities between the people of Judaism alliance with God and the people of Christianity bond with God.

Comparison between Judaism and Christianity

Both historically and theologically Christianity has a close connection with Judaism. Jesus, his followers, and the members of the earliest Christian churches were all Jews. The followers of Jesus considered him as Messiah.

Similarities between Judaism and Christianity

As much as there are numerous variations between the two religious groupings, there are also similarities between them. Some of the similarities between both the religions are listed below-

  •  God limits the freedom and is all powerful and supreme, the only thing he can do is to enable people to sin. One of the grounds for granting the people to sin is so as he can demonstrate his will and fulfill his objectives; which could be to express his love since his lover supervene upon his anger. Therefore, both religions put up with that God is a spiritual being of mercy.
  •  God has made his will to be known to all people through his word and both religions define sin as rebellion. Acting opposite to this set will against God is a sin. Both the religion believes that sin has its consequences.
  •  God has granted expiation to reconcile all his people with him. This shows that whenever people are involved in sin and have a sincere penance for it, there is a step out for both religions. This washes and erases all the sins and makes man right with God. They both believe that to be forgiven, faith must be consolidated with the satisfaction.
  •  Since there is a constant behavior of rebellion, both religions believe that they live under two principles which constitute being loyal to God and being rebellious. Therefore, a sin is a continuous process and cannot be withdrawn by any human being. Because of this sorrow must be done regularly.

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