Does Access to Condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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This is really a matter of grave concern that the number of abortions is rising in the world to a great level. Today we can see the people especially teenagers are walking into hospitals and removing their foetus from the womb of pregnant mothers. But the situation cannot be ignored at any point because it is giving rise to a crime that is being performed with the life of that child which is being foeticide in the uterus only. The main cause behind these abortions can be given to the pressure of the society which does not accept the children from the unmarried couple.

We cannot talk about one single country which admits the birth of a child without the legal marriage of their parents. That is why the foetus which is a result of the sexual intercourse between a couple before their legal tie of marriage is considered as illegitimate and removed by the mother from her womb for the fair of society and social taboo associated with the unmarried mother.

We cannot change the ill mentality of the society in a few months and years and that is why there is a need of finding an alternative to reduce the count of these increasing abortions every other day. Most of the people are in a state of mind that suggests the idea of access to condoms for the teenagers so that they can save them from the unwanted pregnancies whether it is before marriage or after their knot of marriage gets tied to each other.

Although the solution seems very easy and practical but is still not work in many cases where teen generation is shy of asking for the condoms openly as it is considered as something associated with the sexual affairs of the person before marriage. Even some of them are worried if their parent gets to know about their pre-marriage romantic relationships and that is why they never bother to buy condoms. All these things give rise to the crime of aborting children in the uterus without following the law made in favour of delivering such baby without any opposition from society. Although the law gives us the freedom of becoming parents without marriage but we cannot afford to practise this law in society.

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So the conclusion of the essay says that we cannot reach a conclusion that access to condoms can prevent abortions and pregnancy in teenagers. This is because many of them are shy of buying them and others are concerned about their image. There are some fraction of people who do not want to use them at all which is the largest issue because such people do not corporate in a sexual affair and consequences can be seen in the form of unwanted and illegitimate children which are removed by destroying the womb of the mother.

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This cruelty must be stopped on any point and everyone has the equal right to live a happy and free life. We cannot afford to snatch the right of living from someone by aborting it in the uterus. Whether you are destroying your womb in the foetus stage or any other stage it must be there in mind that you are taking the life of someone like that of plant that gets nipped in the bud. Such malpractices must not be allowed in any society. This is because it is spreading an air of crime among the different societies of the world and people do not even realise about their wrong deeds that they are doing.

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