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Short Sample Paper on Teenager’s depression For College Students | Responsive Essay

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Thesis statement

Teenager’s depression is very bad for the economic development of a country and it can be stopped by regular counselling of the youth by parents and psychologists.


If we turn around our head in society and observe meticulously we will come to know that the majority of teenagers are involved in the pursuit of drug addiction and alcoholism. The main cause that back this situation is the depression and anxiety that our youth confronting globally. It is not wrong to say that most of the countries with the lingering economy are infected by the cause of depression in the youngsters. When the youth of a nation gets involved in such things the economic development cannot be expected in that region. Mostly the underdeveloped countries are trapped in the depression owing to unemployment and pressure on the students to survive in tough circumstances. Here we will talk about how youth gets trapped in the arms of depression and what could be done to get rid of it. We will also discuss the effect of depressed teenagers on the economic growth of the given country.

Main essay

  • Causes of teenager’s depression in poor nations: The teenagers are affected by the depression because of the multiple problems they face in this age on a psychological level. For example, some of them are worried about their career especially where employment opportunities while others have parents’ pressure to bring the best grades. All these things put them in anxiety very quickly to cause depression eventually. It is very easy for the youth to get involved in drug addiction and such ill activities once they are trapped by the depression in the younger years of their life.
  • How to get out of the problem of drug addiction and depression by teenagers: Although it is very easy to fall in the bad habit of drug addiction through depression when it comes to quitting these things it very difficult for the teenagers. There are so many rehabilitation centres which also fail to bring the person back on the track. Only family assistance and support on a psychological level can be helpful to the core in such circumstances as nobody can understand the kids more than parents. Counselling sessions are only effective when parents are giving their best to the ward for getting out of this depression. Do not force the children for bringing high grades just set them free as per their will to channelize their energy in real sense.
  • The way by which the national economy gets affected due to depression among teenagers: Although we take depression and anxiety on a very poor note and ignore its drastic effects on the life of the individual. The conclusions of depression can be as the harm that they can cause death will in the person to make him suicide. When the youth of a country is affected by such grave diseases it is very hard to imagine the development of the country on an economic scale in such a state. It is very important to attain mental health apart from the physical health to work on the field with full energy. Drooping energy in the workplace brings lose and nothing else. So make sure that you are not getting caught by the bad scenario of depression at any cost even if you are having a lot of pressure from your college and schoolwork and regarding the career.
  • hy developed countries are less affected by depression: The major cause of depression is a stressful life for a searching job, managing basic priorities of the lifelike food and shelters. All these things are not a matter of worry for the developed countries as all citizens get good quality life in developed economies. That is why children from such nation’s remains separated from the roots of depression and anxiety on a psychological basis. If their youth falls under any such situation by chance then they have very trained psychologist to get them out of such trouble very easily.


The essay conclusion can be drawn from the arguments raised above in the essay that it is very hard for a country to move on the line of development if the youth is facing a depression problem. That is why it is very important to bring the remedies that can help the youth to get rid of depression and anxiety. All the cause of depression should be checked so that no needs arise to come out of it. We can also take the site of a scenario where parents force their children to come up with great score in their academic assignments. Under such circumstances owing to excess of pressure on the brain depression is very normal to happen in teenagers.

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