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There have been number of instances that create political upheavals in the developing and developed countries regarding the rights for keeping arms like guns and rifles. But no such solid conclusion is ever drawn through these debates and fights on the issue. While some are in favour of allowing the masses to keep such weapons and arms with them others are in contradiction to it. Certain genuine reasons are given by both sides but then eventually no results can be drawn based on them like every time. Here in this essay we will discuss about the need of keeping arms like guns for the people of the country as their legal right without any interruption.

The most crucial factor that is given by the people in favour of keeping arms like Guns with them is their self defence. This is because many times there are the instances of killing an innocent person by the criminals and victim was not able to do anything for him or her defence due to the lack of any arm. These types of situations brings the need of keeping self defence arms like Guns in order to keep the life threatening attack away from them.

The other reason that is given by the supporters of keeping weapons is for protecting them from the wild animals. There are many people who becomes the pray of wild animals many times. Those who are living mostly in wild areas where the interruption of the dangerous wild animals is very common have to go through the different circumstances where their lives are subjected to the harsh risk of getting killed by the animals. In order to prevent such things arms like Guns are useful for the people to better survival in such areas. We must take care of such things in depth to allow the legal right of keeping Guns for these people according to the supporters.

Another reason that is associated with keeping the arms by the common man is given to the cultural and security purposes. There are many customs and traditions like going out for the woods to worship the Gods and celebrating certain festivals. But the risk of animals in such places becomes high which suppress the people to celebrate their culture. A gun or such arm with the common men can give a freedom to them for enjoying their cultural fist by celebrating such occasion without any fear of the attack from wildlife surrounding them in the woods.

Those who are in the opposition of the arm keeping movement says that this destroy the stability of the society as those who have the possession of these Gun dominate over other people. As a result of which the concept of equality among the citizens of a country get disappear. Common people start feeling the fear of hegemony of higher class or those who have these arms over them. That is why such legal concept of allowing the people to keep Guns must be considered outdated as per the perspective of this section of the society.

There are others who have a mentality that if we will allow everyone to possess the Guns that can take the lives of a person within fraction of the seconds then an atmosphere of anarchy will be there in such state. No rules and order will be followed by the people under such circumstances as people will kill one another on minor things as well. So this is very crucial to prevent such rules for the betterment of human being and society as well according to the some people.

Many times off circumstances of the Gunfire are considered as instances by the people to explain the harsh rule of giving the freedom of using Guns. For example kids who do not know about the risk of these Guns often shot them dead by mistake at their home due to the carelessness of parents. Sometimes those who fail to secure the best designation or social disturbance suicide with these Guns. This proves that the rule of keeping Guns is a deadly rule and must be amended as per these people.

The above essay reaches to a conclusion that it is very important to keep the Guns legally in some cases but not everyone should be given this freedom. Proper license is needed to operate such arms and those who own it must not give it for use to anyone else in any situation. Any harm that is done to a human through the Gun will lie upon the owner of the Gun. This is how we can prevent the possibility of increasing crimes due to the open legalization of keeping the Guns and rifles by certain section of the society. Rules must not be building of prepared in such a way that they snatch the freedom of someone else by putting them in the manacles of fear.

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