Top Interesting Cyber security Thesis Topics of 2019 For Computer Science Students

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Writing a good thesis on cybersecurity demands relevant topics from the graduates. That is why a list of thesis topics on cybersecurity is given by the Students Assignment Help experts here. Make sure that you do not avoid picking a topic from this list to continue your thesis in the field of networking security, ransomware attack and risk management in cybersecurity.

When you will be writing  cyber security thesis then your professors are definitely going to give you best grades in your thesis. Thesis topics for college on cybersecurity that is enlisted here are fresh cyber security thesis ideas. Such ideas can play a vital role for those who do not want to write their thesis on outdated topics.

Thesis topics for college on Network security

Here are some cyber security thesis topics 

  1. Why network security is essential to deal with cyber crimes?
  2. What could be done to make network security affordable for everyone?
  3. How private connections are a big challenge for network security to the people working in the cybersecurity field?
  4. How wireless security is catching every eye these days and its significant points?
  5. What is the process of network security monitoring to relieve people from data theft attacks?
  6. New areas of research in the field of networking security and their scope.

Free thesis Topics ideas on ransomware and malware

  1. How ransomware attacks are operated by hackers and what are its benefits to them?
  2. The growth of terrorism funding with the help of ransomware attacks and the rate of increased crimes with it.
  3. What initiatives could be taken to check the growth of cyber hackers?
  4. Law that is framed by the government of different countries to punish the online account hackers through ransomware attacks.
  5. Why it is very hard to revive the encrypted data for cybersecurity professionals?
  6. How we can suppress the rate of ransomware attack by becoming aware of the malware link?

New topics for thesis on cybersecurity risk management

  1. What is the meaning and purpose of risk management in cybersecurity?
  2. How operating system security is capable of saving people from the risk of cybercrimes?
  3. Role of spyware analysis in risk management in the arena of cybersecurity in the present period of time.
  4. What does term cyber forensic imply in cybersecurity and its importance to curtail the growth of online crimes?
  5. Major issues associated with the online mobile security which is given to the people.
  6. How IOS based applications are less prone to the ransomware attack and risk of cybercrimes?
  7. MacOS VS Windows: Which is more secure?
  8. Increasing investments in cyber security automation

  9. The growing impact of AI and ML on cyber security

List of Thesis topics on Cybercrimes and protection

Below are few cybercrime thesis topic

  1. Can we include online betting as a heinous cybercrime which enhances the rate of black money?
  2. What are the different types of cybercrimes that are hard to check by the cybersecurity advisors?
  3. Which are the major factors that act as an obstacle to reducing cybercrimes in the world?
  4. Can we rely on the malware protection software completely to set us free the cyber attack?
  5. Is it possible to escape from any sort of cybercrime with the knowledge of basics of cybersecurity?
  6. What laws should be drawn by the government and international cybersecurity conventions to reduce the ransomware attacks and other cybercrimes of data theft?
  7. Increasing role of Artificial intelligence in Cyber attack and defense.

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