Black Death Sample Research Paper

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Key Elements On Black Death


The aim of the research paper is to study each and every aspect of the cause, spread, and consequences of the Black Death also known as a plague at the beginning of the 19th century.


The 19th Century in world history is known as the black period owing to the fact that massive devastation of the world population occurs in this era causing the death of millions of people. The rats and other intermediary hosts served as the cause of the spread of the virus Yersinia pestis which is the causal organism for the plague and death caused by it. So in this research paper, we are going to discuss how the epidemic starts and spread among the different countries and continents causing the death of many people. Also, certain solutions will be suggested by the researchers to remains away from such epidemics in the future.

Research Points and Arguments

Here are the main research points that focus on the different aspects of the plague how it spread across the countries from Middle Asia. Cause, results, and other things associated with the plague in that scenario and their effect on the Economy of Europe which is the main cause of such diseases.


How Plague came into Existence and Spread across the world?

After the discovery of sea routes trade and such business becomes growing at a very fast pace and people start traveling from one place to another. But apart from the raw material, culture, literature, and jewels plague was also taken away by the merchants from central Asia to different countries to which they belong. This is how the plague spread to Europe where it showed a very bad effect on the population by killing ½ of the total population.

What are the symptoms of the Plague which is the cause of death for half of the Europe Population?

The primary symptoms of the plague or Black death are very common to that of the other diseases but as it starts going to the final stage symptoms become sterna and cause death as well. For instance, those who are invaded by the bacteria get minor low-grade fever, nausea, and vomiting at the first stage. Then gradually these symptoms start taking the form of muscle pain and pain in the joints. This is followed by the death of the person at that time. Once it spread in one place all the people living in such areas have to face harmful consequences. This is how plague work on the death of the people in a huge range, therefore, giving a name to it that is Black Death.

Measurements are taken by the authorities to control such epidemics in the Future years

In order to maintain the social, Economic, cultural conditions stable in a country it is very important to give attention to the prevention of such epidemics as caused by the plague or Black Death in the 19th Century. Now, most of the nations specifically European nations are involved in strict rules like a person have to tell the authorities of the country before visiting a place where there is a chance of spreading any bacteria and virus. They need to go for vaccination first before stepping out from the threshold of the country. This initiative prevents foreigners and tourists from their own countries to spreads the epidemic causing diseases in their respective nations. The initiative is capable of controlling diseases like Dengue and Malaria as well apart from the Plague.

Why it is important to stop such Black Death from occurring?

Black Death which is a dark age in European history must not occur again, if it takes place then Europe is going to be in the crisis of the population in the country. This is true that excessive population explosion is not in the favour of a country for giving quality life to the citizens because of the limited economic resources. But at the same time, the excessive low generation is also not in the favour of countries’ growth on the Economic scale. That is why it is very crucial to save the population for a country so that people can contribute to the development of new resources and the use of existing resources for increasing the economy and gross domestic product of a country.


One of the most lucrative solutions that can handle the epidemics like the plague or black death is to take precautions and be conscious about the cleanliness surrounding us. We must give attention to the cause and its prevention to other people. If it spread to a bunch of people then results can be dangerous, so the isolation of the patient is also very crucial to keep a check on the spread of bacteria of plague. This is how the problem can be solved. The efforts that are discussed here are already in use and that is the reason no such epidemics take place after the one that happened in the 19th Century.


We can make out a conclusion from the above research paper that plague becomes the reason for putting the economy of various European countries on the back foot. Also, we can see the glimpses of death cause and how to cater to epidemic death as well. The research paper concludes that we should not travel without precautions.

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