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Key Elements on Buddha


The aim of the research paper is to find the teachings of Buddha to the world throughout his life. Also a sight will be given on the effect of these teachings across the world with time. It will be done by researching through the different online as well as manual resources available regarding Buddha and his teachings.

Through successful research and critical analysis, we will be able to find the major teaching and preaches of Buddha that influences the world from his renowned and sacred words. We are going to use the qualitative methodology for the research in order to carry out the research through authentic resources and books written on the life of Buddha by his followers.


Gautama Buddha devoted his entire life to humanity and teaching the world about the most ignored things that have a precious role in our life. In the very beginning right from his childhood, he was not pretty satisfied with his luxury life and one day left his home in order to grab a satisfaction by exploring the world.

He went through a number of trials and tribulations during this journey and then finally sees the path of meditation. Gautama Buddha kept him busy in meditation for long years and come up with some precious philosophies about life which becomes the teachings of the Buddhism religion. Even he can be considered as the inventor of Buddhism. Here we will discuss his major teachings and their influence on the society of that time and in the contemporary age as well.

Review Of Literature

Siddhartha Gautama ( c. 563/480 – c. 483/400 BCE) was a spiritual teacher from ancient India who founded Buddhism. In most Buddhist traditions, Siddhartha is regarded as the Supreme Buddha (Pali sammāsambuddha, Sanskrit samyaksaṃbuddha ) of our age or “Buddha of the present period”.


The qualitative research methods are used in research on the topic of a research paper. The various books and articles are thrown to the critical analysis to come up with the teachings of the Buddha. Also, efforts are made to understand the reasons why Buddha left his home in early childhood even when everything was at its good regarding luxury and emotional support at his home. We have also tried to know about the effect of Buddhism on the mind of contemporary rulers of that time how they get influenced by the teachings of Buddha and left the massacres or bloodshed to adopt the Buddha’s teachings.


Siddhartha was born in Lumbini in 563 BCE to King Śuddhodana of the Shakya Kingdom and Queen Maha Maya. While no written records exist, other enlightened people like Asita, who had predicted that Siddhartha would either become a great king or renunciate, visited the baby after his birth. They predicted that Siddhartha would renounce the material world to become a spiritual leader by saying “this one will bring benefit to many people, he will walk the earth for the good and happiness of others, out of compassion for the world” (Suzuki 15).

As a child, Siddhartha lived in Kapilavastu, which was ruled by his father. His father was the Shakya king who lived in peace with his people. However, when Siddhartha became 19 years old he realized that everyone died eventually and they all had to leave their friends and family behind to do so. This realization shook him because he had never thought of this before. After seeing an old man for the first time, Siddhartha ventured out to discover more about the world outside his home. He observed a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and an ascetic (the Buddha did not invent asceticism; such practices already existed). These were signs of sickness, aging, and death. These realizations led him on a quest for liberation from these sufferings

Siddhartha practicing extreme self-mortification

After seeing such sufferings in the world, Siddhartha left his home in search of a solution. He began with extreme self-mortification. After several days, he collapsed from weakness and then decided to find a middle path between these extremes that would lessen his bodily needs and allow him to meditate. In this way, he cut back on his food intake to half-digestible foods like grass and rice husks until he was eating only one sesame seed or one grain of rice per day. After nearly starving himself to death in this pursuit, Siddhartha began to reconsider this approach. When a village girl named Sujata offered Siddhartha some milk porridge, which gave him strength, Siddhartha decided that he should follow a path of moderation.

In this way, Siddhartha began to meditate at the Bodhi tree where he vowed not to rise from his seat until he had found the truth. After 49 days of meditating, Siddhartha reached enlightenment and became a Buddha. In Buddhism, enlightenment is a complete understanding of the Four Noble Truths which ends all suffering. With Nibbana being the extinguishing of greed, hate, and delusion, it is the freedom from reactivity or freedom from samsara.


The critical analysis and research through the above methods show that Buddha has given his insights on karma that every person should engage in good Karma. The motif of life should be explored according to Buddha right from the beginning to impart your role in that arena. According to Buddha you must understand the reasons behind your sufferings and make sure that worldly things do not block your path to complete your motif of life. Sufferings and pains are just worldly things and do not focus on them by concentrating on your goal.

Enlightenment is the biggest thing a person can achieve throughout his life according to the perception of Buddha towards life and one must strive for it throughout life. The reason behind a given happening is also given by the Buddha that everything that happens is born to happen and we must not regret it. About the happiness and sad phase of life Buddha says that every situation keeps fluctuating and sorrow and happiness do not remain the same they keep on shifting their situation with time.

Finally, Buddha also teaches about having the right perspective towards life along with the good reason to achieve something. That is the entire secret of success of anyone in his or her life according to the teachings of the Buddha. The influences of these teachings spread from Asia to America in both North America and South America. Most of the people were turning into Buddhism with this streak spread by the Buddha about humanity and peace of soul. People were mediating across the world and consider these preaching as holy words right from the mouth of the almighty.


So from the above facts and teaching about Buddha, we can see that he devoted his entire life to humanity and explore the truth of life. His teachings are the main fundamental things that can take a person towards spirituality and meditation to acquire the peace of the inner soul and not the body. We can also come to know that how he is able to influence even the warriors like Ashoka the King to quit the battles and wars to stop the bloodshed.

The teachings of Buddha influenced the world to the extent that almost half of the population was admiring the teaching and preaching on Buddha from their soul to connect with this preaching.  Even today many people are getting converted into the Buddhism religion by getting transformed from the teachings of Buddha.

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