How the Classical Theory Pertains to Crime Prevention Essay Sample

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The essay covers the wide topic of classical theory for crime prevention and a sub-branch of criminology that provides the quantum of punishment and crime in the eighteenth century.

The essay covers the classical thinkers that furnish the idea about crime, criminal behaviour, and crime prevention. The theory discusses the measures as to how to prevent the crime rate so that citizens of the society could live without any fear.

Essay Example on How the Classical Theory Pertains to Crime Prevention

Introduction – Classical theory pertains to crime prevention

One of the prominent thinkers of the classical era known for their work named Cesare Beccaria who discusses criminal behaviour and crime prevention. The classical theory purports that every person should be rational enough to know the nature and consequences of the acts omitted and trying to maximize pleasure along with minimizing the pain.

The essay covers classical thought, popular supporters of classical thought, and theory helping in the prevention of crime. Various studies show compelling factors that encourage the crime rate and without any appropriate punishment for such offense enhance the rate of crime and criminal offenders in the society. Because without adequate punishment offenders didn’t have had a fear of law and order.

Main Essay Body – Classical theory pertains to crime prevention

Criminology, one of the major branches in criminal law that introduce six major theoretical developments. The classical theory in the branch of criminology has many sub-parts such as core principles of theory, supporters of the theory, and imitation of such theory.

The theory connotes prevention of crime, the study of Beccaria, and reforms that have taken place in the field. Several reforms take place in the field and some of the major reforms introduce in the year 1983, 1990, 1996, etc.

The study of Beccaria play a major role in the field of classical theory and discussed the punishments of the crime that proved to be useful. Moreover, the study of Martin, Mutchinck, and Austin focuses on classical as well as neoclassical philosophy that provides justice.

On the other hand, the philosophers like Cohen and Felson strongly advocated that lifestyle, background, and the history of the person’s life play a major role in scrutinizing the crime and its type. To reduce the crime rate, it is important to scrutinize the criminal’s offenders,

the reason why such person needs to commit a crime, the lifestyle of such offender, etc. The classical theory purports the same and discussed the prevention of crime. Moriarty and Williams suggested that social factors also play a crucial role in analyzing the crime has the financial status of the person, poverty, home embodiment, upbringing, etc.

On the other hand, in the study of punishment, and crime prevention, it is important to go through with such studies and such research work shows that the death penalty prevents crime and this is the reason the punishment for murder ranges between the death penalty and life imprisonment.

Because taking someone’s life intentionally is one of the heinous crimes and Sitze suggested that how capital sentences help in deterring the crime rate and he is a strong supporter of Beccaria’s thoughts that is on the bad economy of power.

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Classical Theory

The classical theory lay down a special emphasis in the 17th and 18th centuries and focus on the rationalization of humans who carried out their interests and focusing on maximizing and minimizing pleasure and pain respectively. It is noticeable that a person commits the crime in their self-interest rather than by making punishment severe, and classical theory connotes that there are natural forces that influence the crime rate, and lack of adequate punishments increases the same.

Beccaria believes factors such as poverty, surroundings, the background of the person may be less affected by the gravity of the punishment and influenced by the satisfaction after committing the crime. The classical theory is based on the rationality of humans and commits the crime that gives them satisfaction in committing and minimizing their pain. There are some expert climatologists alleged that offenders are not rational and just commit crime for the sake of self-interest.

Theory of Beccaria

One of the noble economists of the 18th century who known as the father of criminology and identified as a major personality in classical theory. Because of the prominent work of Beccaria, the area of classical theory widened and the 18th century is known for its severe punishment and execution of the same. At the same time, Beccaria also works on the utility theory and introduces the theory of utility which facilitates the causes of criminal and criminal behaviour. He is against the theory of European Enlightenment and pronounced his theory.

Theory of deterrence

Deterrence theory is one of the core aspects of classical theory and this approach mainly focuses on the consequences of punishments on crime. And to deter crime it is important to furnish the punishment that is swift, certain, and severe. And deterrence theory is to prevent the commission of the crime with the help of severe legal punishment.

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The classical theory of crime prevention highlights the importance of deterring individuals from committing crimes. While this theory may not be as successful in preventing serious offenses, it can still provide some guidance for those looking to reduce certain types of crime such as vandalism and petty theft. Deterrence is achieved by making potential offenders aware that they will suffer consequences if they commit a criminal act.

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