Abortion Essay Sample In USA

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Abortion is a controversial topic that is often debated in the United States. People on both sides of the issue have strong opinions, with many people believing abortion should be illegal and others arguing it should be legal. This sample will provide an essay sample for those debating whether or not they think abortion should be legal by providing some arguments from each side of the debate.

Argumentative Essay Sample On Abortion In USA

Thesis Statement – Abortion Essay

Abortion on-demand in the United States is a violation of rights. Abortion ends the life of an unborn child, which lacks legal protection under all circumstances.

Introduction – Abortion Essay

Legalized abortion has become an issue of controversy in the United States. This is primarily due to the fact that most Americans remain divided on whether or not abortion is moral under any circumstances. Anti-abortion activists focus on the fetus and what they consider its right to life, while pro-choice supporters say an embryo is a mass of cells with no more moral significance than a fingernail and argue that the rights of women and society’s interest in population control trump those of either fetuses or embryos.

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Main Body – Abortion Essay

The pro-choice movement in this country has argued that women should decide what does and does not happen to their bodies. However, when considering the recent case in Texas where a woman pregnant with her dead fetus was kept on life support against her family’s wishes until it was removed by court order, society must question whether or not the rights of the unborn child are being violated because terminating a pregnancy is morally wrong.

Secondly, an embryo possesses no more moral significance than any other human cell because it cannot act independently. An embryo is simply not sentient; it cannot feel pain, experience emotion or do anything else that defines sentience. It also lacks brainwaves, which define what we define as “life”. Finally, embryos are not even potential people because they will never grow into mature human beings that can feel and do things on their own.

The main issue with this argument is that it’s impossible to determine whether or not an embryo has sentience, brainwaves, or the capacity to become a person. As mentioned previously, we cannot define exactly when life begins – embryos go through different stages of development before reaching what we define as “life”.

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Conclusion – Abortion Essay

The United States should consider changing its views and adopt a more pro-choice stance so women can control their bodies without feeling as though they are taking another life away from those who live in them. Further research about women throughout history and abortions around the world might help to better understand this controversial topic.

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