Impact Of Westward Expansion In The United States Essay Sample

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The President of the United States of America believes that the growth of the nation depends upon westward expansion and the nation should move towards westward expansion as it take the economy of the country to next level.

The westward expansion of the United States was one of the most significant events in American history. The desire for land, wealth, and power led to a series of conflicts that would forever change this country. This essay will explore how these events impacted the lives of everyday Americans.

Essay Example on Impact Of Westward Expansion In The United States

Introduction – Impact of Westward Expansion

The westward expansion introduces in the 18th century and its expansion took place in 1860 and 1890 that was the most critical time in the history of the United States. The decision turn to be a tragedy for many native Americans and others who found land home therein.

Moreover in such expansion, many Americans were searching for land so that their livelihood can be obtained effectively. Such newfound lands help the saddlers in getting hold and attaining livestock.

Main Essay Body – Impact of Westward Expansion

Former President of the state that is Thomas Jefferson strongly support the idea of westward expansion in the stage and it would establish newfound agriculture mechanism, growing cities, development of rail, road, transport, communication, etc.

  • The Native Americans felt discouraged by the saddlers and yet, newfound lands were inhabited, native Americans were a setback. But such deterrence didn’t affect the colonization of the further west.
  • The challenge was for the American saddler who tries their best to expand properties or estate from native Americans irrespective of any means.
  • On the other hand, few Americans think that such land is not useful as the hand was occupied before1860 and saddler start seeking newfound lands, agriculture, railroad, etc. And the main focus of the same lie in the east country, the act of 1862 that relates to agriculture furnish 169 acres of land free to anyone who files a claim in this respect and resides therein for five years.
  • This Act helps in increasing the establishment, improvements, and dwelling, and led to the expansion of westward in the state. As it was speculated that due to such Act, incentives, people would move to places like Oklahoma to claim land.
  • The years 1860 and 1890 witnessed agriculture expansion and resulted in many major cities like Sans Fransico, St. Louis, Chicago, etc. And such expansion reflects in 30 thousand miles of railroad that build from New York to the Mississippi river by 1860 year. Such westward expansion led to the proliferation of the railroad system across the state and by 1862 pacific railroad Act provide support in constructing the railroad system from California to Missouri with the aid of the state.

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Railroad system

  1. The work of construction railroad systems across the state was given to the companies who will build a transcontinental railroad that would connect east and west. One company commenced the work from Sacramento and the other from the Missouri river, and both the companies were met in the middle.
  2. By the year of 1869 transcontinental railroads task, we’re completed and allowed saddled to expand the West and allow trading in cities. The railroad system enables the export and import mechanism where the state imports domestic and foreign goods. This led to an increase in the revenue of the state and the proliferation of the transcontinental system welcome the settlers to thrive and expand the same.
  3. The backbone of the wealth of the state was mainly lying from the agriculture sector and individuals started harvesting food for their survival. With the western expansion, increase the overpopulation problem and the need for agriculture food, and supplies. But in such expansion, the railroad system helps the settlers to meet the demand for food via transportation.

Govt Literacy Initiative after expansion

The harvested food was transported to local cities to feed the growing population with the food supplies and with the expansion, led to teaching the democracy concept to the population.

With the westward expansion, the government educates its population with the concept of capitalism, democracy, their rights, etc. But native Americans didn’t accept several beliefs and teachings which resulted in the ill-treatment of the same.

Furthermore, such lead to cause the killings of many people at a time, and settlers in the west side started claiming the piece of land according to the provisions of the Act.

This creates difficulty for the government of the state as the land was already inhabited by the native Americans. This led the forcefully evacuate them along with reducing the resources that were needed for survival therein.

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At last, the state felt forced due to westward expansion so that proper development could be done. Intending to get a better lifestyle, settlers cause difficulty for native Americans. All such difficulty was caused due to transcontinental growth and railroad system across the state.

The expansion of the United States westward shaped its history in many ways. Westward Expansion changed the economic, social, and political landscape for all Americans. It also helped shape America’s identity as a nation with an enormous amount of diversity which continues to grow today.


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