Leadership Essay Example for Scholarship

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Many students in the USA are interested in leadership. They want to know how they can be a leader, and what qualities make a person a leader. This sample will explore those questions by providing an essay example of what good leadership looks like. It will also provide tips for you on how to become a better leader.

Essay Example On Leadership

A free leadership essay example for the scholarship is given here by talented and professional essay writers. For the purpose of a better understanding of how to write a leadership essay, one can easily follow this sample essay. Once you will go through this example of the essay it is going to be easier for you to prepare the outline and rest of the essay. The essay is written in a five-paragraph essay format which includes a thesis statement as well.

Thesis Statement – Leadership Essay

A good leader always leads a team perfectly without any professional training, irrespective of the arena.

Introduction – Leadership Essay

Leading a group of people in any field is not a job that can be performed by every single human. There have to be certain qualities that are required by the person to become a leader. These characteristics of a leader are very natural and they require no professional training in the majority of the cases. There are so many fields of life and a leader is always there in all these areas. For example, a leader is required in politics, education, healthcare, management, business, and so on.

It is very obvious that a person who is behaving as a good leader in politics can also lead a business with the same beauty. Here we will try to find how the challenges that are faced by a leader in different areas are different from each other. At the same time, we will also try to figure out how these leaders try to adapt them to the provided situation.

Main Body – Leadership Essay

  • Leadership and its major characteristics: Although there is not any hard and fast rule that defines the word leadership in a particular way still we can try to define the term. The word leadership can be understood in a way that leads a group of people in a certain area. For example, there could be a leader in politics, students council, and leaders of businessmen, and so on. All of them are leading a particular group of people in their respective fields.

A leader must have the potential to influence the people with his words. The impact of the words should be that much strong that people get compelled to take an action according to the choice of the leader. The person who is a leader must possess good communication skills and has to be the best orator as well. His personality and confidence should reflect through body language.

  • Can leadership traits be acquired by a person:  A never-ending debate about the topic of leadership is prevalent for a long time as some say leadership qualities are natural and hereditary. While other people have a perception that one can also acquire the leadership traits throughout the life span. It is possible with constant efforts and zeal for leading a particular team or group of people in a specific area.

If we revolve our head around society we will come to know the there are scores of professional courses being offered by several institutes. The purpose of these courses is to inculcate professionalism in the people for various areas of life. So based on that example we can say that it is also possible for the person to develop leadership qualities or to polish them.

  • How a leader can mold him according to the situation:  When we talk about a good leader he or she must have the caliber and potential to mold them according to the situation. Many times there arise opposite conditions and circumstances and under such a state a leader can hold the trust of the team to complete a task.

If the leader of the group gets shaky about the plans of the task the entire team will be unconfident. So when a person is leading a team he has to be courageous and ready to work in the worst state of mind with the best action. Only then we can include a person in the list of a good leaders.

  • Challenges faced by a leader according to the leadership arenas:  When we include someone in the category of a good leader that means the person has to be excellent in all the areas. Be it management, business, education or any other field he or she should reflect good leadership qualities in each field. But it is not that much easy and one has to face unique circumstances in every single area. For example, the person who is leading a group in the management field must possess a good idea and experience about the ground reality.

At the same time, those who are performing leaders in healthcare should possess some basic healthcare knowledge. Similarly, the person working as a leader in business must possess good business communication and so on.

  • How to cope up with challenges confronted in leadership:  There are scores of challenges that can be confronted by a leader according to the situations but still, it is important to get rid of them. A strategy could be planned according to the situation by the leader by knowing the root cause of the problem and then it can be overridden. One can also learn from the experiences of others and also with own experiences to come out of these challenges that are faced in leadership. That is how he or she can fall under the list of good leaders.

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Conclusion – Leadership Essay

From the above essay on leadership, we can derive the conclusion that leadership is a very vast field. A leader has to be active and equally capable of all the areas of leadership to play his role successfully. If a leader is unable to communicate effectively with the team he is not a good leader. Also, there is a strict need to overcome the challenges that are encountered by leaders in various areas of life. That is how a person can include him as a good leader, be it in education or the healthcare sector or for that matter in management.

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