Social Networking Advantages & Disadvantages Essay Example

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Social networking sites are huge in today’s society. People of all ages use these sites to connect, share information and express themselves. The sample below will explore the advantages and disadvantages of social media so that you can make an informed decision about whether it is right for you.

Essay Sample On Social Networking

Thesis Statement For Social Networking Essay

Social networking can be considered both negatively and positively for society by keeping its importance and harmful points in mind.

Social Networking Essay Introduction

The trend of connecting with friends, family members who are staying miles apart with the help of social networking sites is at its peak these days. People find it very interesting to communicate with several people at their comfort level with cheap communication mediums through social networking.

At one place we can consider it as the best platform to keep in touch with our near and dear. But at the same time, several drawbacks are associated with social networking sites. For example, they are dragging apart the people staying under the same roof and connecting those living at distance. So here we will keep an eye on both the positive and negative aspects of social networking and security thefts that are connected to it as well.

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Main Body Of Social Networking Essay

Why social networking is important these days?

Social networking sites are serving a crucial role these days in the life of human beings to fill the distance gap between relatives. Nowadays people can connect with the help of these networking sites easily without spending much money. The coming of live video calling facility on these sites is like a big positive point that makes people feel very near to each other.

There are scores of social networking sites that are being accessed by people according to their comfort and interest. The ultimate purpose of these sites is to keep in touch with friends and relatives but they are also used these days for business promotion as well. Thus we can say that social networking sites play a great role in various fields of life.

How we can see social networking sites as best and worst for society? [Advantages & Disadvantages]

Social networking sites are useful to keep people near each other through communicating by using these sites. But at the same time, there are several drawbacks as well which are related to these sites. For example, sometimes various fake people misuse your name and photos in disguise to harm you in every way.

People who are interested in making friends online often get trapped in the scams that are made by fake people online on these social sites. At the same time, we can see these sites are proving out to be the wrong medium for communication to the terror groups.

But like well said by a philosopher and politician nothing can be harmful and useful completely so is the case with social media and there are many positive points of it. So we cannot consider it purely harmful and useful in a balanced state.

What if we ignore connecting with people on social networking sites?

There is a point that if someone ignores using social networking sites, he or she can keep him away from the scams and drawbacks of social media. But it is not a relevant solution to stay away from social networking sites and that is too in this scenario where everything is possible on social networking sites. A person who will not show any interest in social media will lose many positive things in his life.

Such people fail to build a strong bond with the people in their circle. At the same time, everyone finds them different from society and starts ignoring them. That is why it is very harmful and tragic to maintain a distance from social media for the people.  It is good to accept its reality by adapting to both the positive and negative phases. That is how you can reap the complete benefit of technology and science which is flourishing at every point these days.

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Social Networking Essay Conclusion

From the above arguments and relevant solutions, we can see the importance of social media in human life. If someone is not aware of the use of social networking sites he cannot stay in connection to his near and dear. Today social networking sites are serving a big role in the life of people for developing their business.

The lack of awareness about these social sites also keeps you behind in the business advertisement as well. So we can say that one should be able to have access to social networking sites in the present time to flourish one’s business and relations as well. But a good eye should be kept to avoid the fake people and anti-social elements that can put you in trouble through these sites.

People who are a newbie to social media should take a good demonstration for having access to their social media accounts from professionals. This is because ignoring social media’s importance means you are directly cutting apart yourself from the world in a real sense.

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