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The Swanson Theory of Caring is a theory that has been developed by Dr. David Swanson, an educator who has researched the cause and effect of students’ attitudes with their academics in school. The Swanson Theory of Caring postulates that there are three types of caring: “Caregiver,” “Friendship,” and “Academic.” Each type or level represents different levels in the care process. Let’s discuss each type in turn. The first level is Caregiver which is defined as someone who cares for another person on a regular basis such as parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and other adults within one’s life who shapes one’s values and beliefs about what it means to be cared for.

Essay Sample On Swanson Theory Of Caring

Thesis Statement – Swanson Theory Of Caring Essay

The Swanson theory of caring is a model that identifies the five types of human needs. These needs are emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical. The more these needs are satisfied the greater the likelihood that an individual will be able to self-actualize.

Introduction – Swanson Theory Of Caring Essay

The Swanson theory of caring is a very popular theory that is used to psyche the nurses and similar professional people to understand the care needed by patients. A nurse needs to read his psychology and give proper care. That is why every professional nursing graduate is trained towards Swanson’s theory of caring during the academic study. The theory mainly comprises five basic fundamental principles that lay the foundation of caring for the person who is not able to do so for him. Every aspect of the theory is mentioned below for the sake of graduates who are eager to understand the fundamentals of Swanson’s theory of caring. So have a look at the following aspects of the theory to grab its highlights.

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Main Body – Swanson Theory Of Caring Essay

Swanson’s caring theory outlines five caring processes:

1. Being with

The phrase itself derives its meaning that this principle talks about caring for the patient or person in such a way that you are making him realize that you are always with him. He is not alone in his bad situation through which he is struggling. It could be done by taking the actions that are evidence of your words. It should not be like that you are saying these words to the person that in every thick or thin of his poor situation you are always there two steps behind but never turn up at the time he needs you. So your actions should justify your words in a real sense to practice the being with a phrase of the Swanson theory of caring.

2. Doing for

Doing for is also a very simple term that can also speak for itself through the name given to it. By doing for Swanson’s theory wants to explain is that making the patient realize that you are always there to do the small things to help the patient. For example, if a person is not able to eat his food, wash his head, trim his beard, etc. then you are always there to do these things for him without showing any problem on your face. To cap it all the direct meaning of the verb is that you are helping the person to do every task that the patient would have done for him in a good state and circumstances. Such things boost the confidence of the patient that someone is always there to help them out in their worst situation related to health or other psychological problems.

3. Enabling

Enabling literally means to make the person able to do the things that can help him to restore the confidence that is lost. At the same time to recover him from the loss that is made to his psyche and mental health by the diseases or any other situation. In short, you are making a big transformation in the person on a psychological and attitude basis. For instance, if a person is unable to move his hand due to a paralyzing attack then by following the principle of enabling from Swanson theory you have to put some effort to make his hand move or enable him to do the things that can enhance the recovery process both internally and physically. That is how you can nourish or care for the person in the right manner according to the mentioned theory.

4. Knowing

Everyone on this earth wants to be get loved and understood by the people of his own world and similar is the case with this principle of the theory. In this part of the Swanson theory of caring the nurse of who so ever is the caretaker of the patient is supposed to understand the situation of the patient through which he or she is struggling. In the next part, it is also important to take steps to care for the patient by knowing the things that trouble him the most in the given state. To sum it up the conclusion of the aspect is that to empathize with the state of the person who is going through a tough time in his life. That is what the knowing part of the Swanson theory of caring wants to explain through this phase of the theory.

5. Maintaining belief

This is more or less psychological support that a nurse or family member can provide to the patient. The entire purpose of maintaining belief revolves around the idea that a nurse should help the patient to make feel that he will get well soon with the treatment. At the same time, it also talks about helping throughout the process of treatment of recovery in the best way towards every dimension of the treatment. The confidence and spirit of the patient must not die while the treatment is taking too long to recover the patient. That is how this maintaining belief works in the healthcare sector to a great extent according to the theory of Swanson given for caring the people of family or patients by the nurses. You can also try these fundamental aspects of caring for a person at your home to the family members as well.

Conclusion – Swanson Theory Of Caring Essay

The Swanson Theory of Caring is a theory that suggests there are five levels of care. A person’s level of care will dictate how they react to various situations. The most basic level, the “I don’t care” level, involves doing what is needed for themselves without any regard for others. This type of person would only help someone if they are being incentivized or have some other personal benefit from it. The second level up on the scale is called “I tolerate you.” These people can be superficially nice but would not go out of their way to help anyone else with anything even if it was in their power to do so.

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In the above-written essay, we’ve explored Swanson’s theory of caring which is an excellent framework for how to care about people in the medical field and how it applies to schools.

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