Tablets Versus Textbooks Essay Sample

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The debate between using tablets versus textbooks in schools has been around for many years. Some people say that textbooks are still the best way to teach because they can be updated with new information, while others say that tablets are better because they allow students to interact with media and other apps on their own devices.

In this essay, we will discuss the pros and cons of tablets versus textbooks so you can make an educated decision that best fits your lifestyle.  The following essay sample on tablets versus textbooks is given only for the help of those who do not have any idea about how to start an essay for school and college assignments.

Essay Example on Tablets Versus Textbooks

Thesis Statement of Tablets Versus Textbooks Essay

Both textbooks and tablets have their benefits, but one of the most important factors in education is whether or not students are receiving information.

Introduction of Tablets Versus Textbooks Essay

The myriad of new technology in the present time for reading books and other material trying to set their hegemony on the conventional methods of reading books. If we try to compare the orthodox way of reading textbooks to that of the current period of time most people will prefer going through the option of tablets and other such technology. Similarly, those who belong to the previous time still want to hook up with the conventional methods of reading. It gives them a soul-soothing and comfortable experience as compared to the one which comes through the electronic tables for reading the books.

The above point shows that both textbooks and tables are useful for the people but their use is limited to major sections of the society divided into two groups as per their generation. Though the old generation is still habitual of reading the textbooks which are comfortable to read without the fear of power backup the new generation is much inclined towards the tables which are easy to carry anywhere without any issue of weight. This is how we cannot deny the significance of both the medium of reading at their place.

Main Body of Tablets Versus Textbooks Essay

Benefits of Tablets and textbooks

If we consider the case of textbooks the major benefits that could be found in them are no need of a power back up, do not exert a bad impact on our eyes can give the experience of reading like that of scholars for the internal satisfaction which is not possible with the tablets. More sometimes in villages where books are interchanged after reading by the people is not possible through tablets as nobody wants to give expensive tablets to someone for the risk of theft and destruction to them. This argument builds the thesis that textbooks are having many benefits.

If we consider the Tablets which are becoming the popular mode of reading things like literature, certain academic books, etc. then they have their own benefits like you can search any word irrespective of time without wasting your time in turning out the pages like that of a textbook. Similarly, in the case of tablets, it becomes easier to highlight the text with different colors, put the bullet points and keep it in the pocket owing to the compactness.

Apart from that thousands of books can be stored and availed on time within a fraction of seconds and not like the way textbooks take long times to reach the reader. All these important benefits of reading through tablets cannot be ignored by those who said that old methods are best and should not be replaced by new ones. If we go hand in hand with new and old mediums of reading the various study material then this is possible to retain both of them in the modern time which is significant and important as well.

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Limitations of tablets and textbooks

Certain people are in a mindset that technology-driven gadgets put a negative impact on the brain of the human being on scientific grounds because of the rays emitted by the tablets. Also, the fluid that is used in the display of these tablets is not useful for the eyes as well according to those who have the negative eye for present technology. But the actual situation is such that fluid that is used in the display of tablets is chosen very carefully and it is not possible for a person to do things like this. Minimum harm or no harm is done to the eyes of people who are reading for long hours which is normal and eyes become habitual to this type of change as there comes the advancement in technology.

Libraries which are being converted into smart libraries by maintaining the online resources to reduce the space occupied by the books are also accepting the bloom of technology as readers do not have to spend a lot of time in the selection of books and they can check it out immediately by putting a command online whether they can read a specific book in the given library or not. But at the same time those who are habitual of the old libraries which used to be full of the aura of books and them smell, do not like this change much. According to them in that setup of the library, if a person is searching for a single book, he comes across many, and thus exposure about the books and their authors increases in the dictionary of the person visiting the library for a time and again multiple times.

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The entire essay gives a solid inference in the form of a conclusion that we cannot put things in extreme binaries of good or bad. Because everything is associated with positives and negatives and it should be discarded if its negatives exceed that of the positive points. In the case of the textbooks and tablets both are in the use in modern time by different fractions of the population and thus we can say that tablets, as well as textbooks, are useful for the society to grow forward and increase their knowledge on a given subject.

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The above-written essay sample has described the differences between tablets versus textbooks and their uses and benefits.

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