Deontology Versus Utilitarianism Essay Sample

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Ethics is a major component in most philosophy courses. The two theories that are discussed the most are Utilitarianism and Deontology. Here is a sample essay on Deontology and utilitarianism that students can use for writing different assignments like essays or research papers on this topic. In this essay, we will be discussing the difference between these two theories and how they apply to practical applications in our lives.

Essay Example on Deontology Versus Utilitarianism

Thesis Statement of Deontology Versus Utilitarianism Essay

Deontology and utilitarianism both are relevant in their situation. Based on the situation a person can choose any out of two for taking any decision.

Introduction of Deontology Versus Utilitarianism Essay

Deontology is a branch of moral science which deals with human actions and postulates that all human actions must be followed by good deeds without caring about even bad results. On the contrary, utilitarianism is based on the principle of hedonism in which the ultimate pleasure is the main guiding force to take any decision. Both the terms are very popular in philosophy and start taking their origin from the time of Shakespeare.

There has been great debate from the medieval ages regarding these two terms from the period of Shakespeare. Even we can see glimpses of this in Shakespeareans play. While some people who believe in morality give preference to deontology in which no wrong action is taken by the people even if this wrong step can make someone’s life good. On the contrary, this is not the case with utilitarianism which came in the light later in the Victorian era when people starts thinking of the benefits of saving pleasure to the people by hook or by crook. This hedonistic scale was based purely on the ultimate importance of pleasure that could be drawn from a thing. Here we are going to discuss which out of these two is best and how people should deal with their morality and to use deontology or is it good to use deontology rather than utilitarianism.

Each and every minute detail will be studies with a great observation so that the best results could be drawn in the inferences of the argument. The research of the entire essay is based on both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Those who are interested in knowing the great facts behind these two philosophical terms that is deontology and utilitarianism can go through the following essay by reading it with utmost care so that no point could be missed by you.

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Main Body of Deontology Versus Utilitarianism Essay

Here is the main essay of deontology and utilitarianism in which a complete idea about the two terms could be understood by the people. You can get an idea of how these two philosophies work in your life and how to maintain a balance between both of them.

What is the Difference between Deontology and Utilitarianism?

Deontology is the science of morality in which people can take those steps which are not in the favor of humankind but still are in favour of religion. The teachings of the bible and other holy scriptures are considered as the guiding force of deontology which is always good and should be taken by the people to follow the rules of morality. Not in any single action a person should challenge these teachings. On the other hand in the case of utilitarianism end result is considered as of supreme importance where eventually the goal of the person to take decisions and actions against morality is to manage pleasure in their life.

Although both of them are good and must be followed by the people nowadays people are giving more preference to utilitarianism as the emotions are getting mechanical and only mechanical forces are guiding the actions of a human being. We cannot say that this high-tech world has drained morality away from our life but yes it is getting low and low every day. We should do something to revive morality in us to take actions along with utilitarianism to maintain an optimum balance between the two.

How Deontology is connected with Morality and not Utilitarianism?

Morality says that we should not think about the result and do the best actions as per the teachings of holy books. On the other hand, actions that are taken in utilitarianism are purely directed or guided by the principles of results where the ultimate pleasure of happiness could be obtained by the person. So we can say that morality teaches us to be satisfied with what we have and do not lynch towards getting high and higher it is going to bring you sorrow and also you will be pushed towards pain and wrong actions.

That is why deontology which is based on the principle of morality is considered as good over utilitarianism. We cannot be biased by giving a view that deontology is flawless and utilitarianism is futile. Everything has its own significance and it is not good to compare them with each other. Both deontology and utilitarianism go complementary to each other.

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Which should be given more preference out of Deontology and Utilitarianism?

As aforesaid both of them could be considered independent to each other and in collaboration as well. It is not a good deal to compare any of them on any basis as pleasure is also important for living beings. Without pleasure human beings cannot survive on this earth this is a harsh reality that we cannot ignore. Each human has to be materialistic along with spiritual so that he can maintain a balance between the two states in his life. So the ultimate argument that evolves out is that we cannot ignore deontology and utilitarianism and both of them serve an important part of our life.


The above essay on deontology and utilitarianism shows that both philosophies are equally important as guiding forces behind our actions. We cannot think of our life without deontology as well as utilitarianism. Those who are not biased about these two philosophies in their life can live a happy life on the other hand people having biased views have to take certain steps to get out of this business.

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