Abusive Relationship

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Thesis statement

Short temperament and mental psychological depression sometimes create a situation in the relationship that person starts abusing his kids, partner or other members of the relation. It brings a big gulf between the two people sharing a relationship and sometimes the end of the relationship as well.

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Often we have seen people quarreling on small issues who are sharing a close relationship like father-daughter, husband wife and, mother son. The main cause that brings such fights between the relationships is poor understandings, lack of communication and dialogues, insecurities about the loyalty and many such things. Apart from it sometimes poor psychological and mental health also makes a person abusive towards the one with who he or she is sharing a bond of relationship from long period of time. Although nobody is responsible for the abusive relationships on technical grounds but still it put creates huge differences between the couple or other for that matter in other relationships mentioned earlier. Here we will have sights on the causes of abusive relations their harmful effects and how to turn such relationships issues down by eradicating the root cause of the problem.

Main body

What are the main causes of abusive relationships?

Like said earlier an abusive relationship is the outcome of internal upheavals that are going in a person. Most of the time career issues, financial crises and loss in the business investment make a person so frustrated that he starts shouting on his kids and wife or for that matter parents. As a consequence of which a streak of differences get created among these delicate relations. Only few relationships survive this disrespectful behaviour of the partner and majority of them head towards their end very soon. Depression is the biggest cause of abusive relationships and person do not want to merge with anyone in a state of anxiety and depression. That is why we often see the divorce and family separation of people struggling through poor mental health.

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The people who are molesting their life partner through an abusive relationship of beating the kids on a regular basis can be subjected to legal punishment by the law as well. Most of the nations do not support beating children by their parents and an abusive relationship with the wife. As a result of which if you are involved in any such pursuit even if psychologically trouble you are not going to be spared by the cops. That is why it becomes necessary to get proper treatment or work upon your life problems like an influential personality rather than wandering here and there for the legal pursuit in case your partner complaints against you. Most of the people have to face rigorous punishments due to their ill behavior towards various relations which must be avoided at all grounds.

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What could be done to solve the problem of abusive relationships to share a lovely bond?

An abusive relationship can be converted into a best lovely relation when a person who is going through depression is supported by the family to a great extent. This is the time when he or she needs his family in emotional and financial crises to support him in every way. When a person gets full family support half of his depression issue gets sorted out. It can be done by the family members by not reminding him about his bad situation in business or any other issue he or she is facing in life. Good family atmosphere without any strain can also be a positive sign to help the person to get rid of his depression. That is how an abusive relationship can comes to an end.

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Role of psychological counseling in checking the abusive relations

The psychological counseling taken from a clinical psychologist plays a significant role in the lowering of abusive relationships. Most of the times we fail to understand the high requirement of a person to get counseling from professionals. As a result of which the situation gets worst and the relationship comes to an end very immediately. To avoid such issues the best step that can be taken is to provide best psychological counseling to cater to the needs of the person to deal with his mental health-related issues.


So we can make out a conclusion from the above essay discussion that it is very important to live a healthy relationship which is free from all kinds of abuses. If a person engages in abuses and beat up the kids or wife he is going to face legal charges apart from the personal loss of the relationships as well. So we can say that abusive relationships are dangerous for the person involved in abuses and for the victim of course. To cap it is we can only solve this problem with mental counseling and good family atmosphere along with best upbringing of the child with family values.

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