Argumentative Essay on Biotechnology

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Writing an argumentative essay on biotechnology requires students to write an argumentative essay outline. But for doing that it is very crucial to have the idea about the structure of an argumentative essay. When students will follow the proper format of writing an argumentative essay it will be easy to address all the aspects of essay in a better way. An argumentative essay basically deals with the hypothesis given in the beginning as a thesis statement by the writer of the essay.

Then this hypothesis is proved throughout the essay by certain statements and examples through research. For example, if we are assigned with argumentative essay on benefits of biotechnology here is a sample argumentative essay on biotechnology. It could be considered as a standard essay by the students as the essay is written by experts of

Hypothesis or Thesis Statement

Biotechnology is serving as an important tool for helping people of lower financial backgrounds to override their health problems.


Today we cannot deny the importance of biotechnology in different areas of life. Be that the healthcare sector or agriculture sector we can see the importance of biotechnology in every field of life. Similar is the case of medicines and pharmaceutical companies that are working day and night to meet the solutions to problems of society. The number of people dying due to lack of medicines is falling very rapidly downwards with the coming of biotechnology. Here we are going to discuss how biotechnology changes the life scenario of people who earlier were fighting with their health issues due to the non-availability of the medicines on time. Some of the major forces that helping biotechnology will also be discussed in the essay below. So go through the essay to know the important significance of biotechnology in human life to fight with challenging diseases.


Here are a few arguments that are associated with biotechnology. Some people think that biotechnology gives poor-quality medicines with a high level of chemicals which is not true. Such people should think biotechnology is a broader spectrum to know its importance to humankind.

Biotechnology is providing Cheap Medicines than other conventional medicines

The prices of orthodox medicines were sky high before the coming of biotechnology. This is because only a few pharmaceutical firms have the knowledge of making medicines while others were still struggling. But with the coming of biotechnology new methods came into existence which helps everyone to be the professional in this arena. For instance, earlier cancer medicines used to be very expensive that a common person cannot afford to take but now many pharmaceutical companies in different nations are involved in this pursuit making it affordable to the middle class as well. Thus many lives could be saved with the help of biotechnology by giving affordable medicines to the people throughout the globe.

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There is no harm in the Quality of Medicines that are formed through Biotechnology

The best part of the medicines that are formed with the help of biotechnology is that they are not poor in quality. As the quality could be improved by using genetic engineering in the medicinal plants the good quality of medicines could also be produced by the scientist in the present time. These medicines are more effective to fight with the fatal or life-threatening diseases as compared to the medicines that used to be there in the previous time before the coming of biotechnology. That is why more and more people are able to fight with many serious diseases which earlier was not easy to do.

With the help of Biotechnology highly Effective Medicines could be produced

If you are thinking that genetic engineering can also bring certain negative change in the medicinal plants and microorganism as well then this is not the case. There are certain steps which are performed by the scientist in practical life and only then these medicines are distributed to the people of the different nation or world. Those who are not sure of the quality of medicines you can ask for its quality from someone who has used it. You will come to know that medicines formed with the help of biotechnology are high in effectiveness as compared to other medicines that are formed by the orthodox way.


From the above arguments and defences, it is very clear that biotechnology plays a significant role in the lives of poor and rich both. Everyone can take help from the medicines formed by the use of biotechnology to get rid of healthcare problems. Those who are not aware of this reality that biotechnology is not just limited up to agriculture but its roots have gone deeper into the minds of people. Any type of diseases could be catered with the help of biotechnology along with the common public. So get yourself treated early with the use of pharmaceutical medicines.

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