Gun Control Argumentative Essay Sample

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The current issue of gun control in the United States is a heated debate. Guns are a part of American history and culture, so it’s hard to imagine a world without them. We will be discussing the topic of gun control in this essay. There are many different viewpoints on how to improve our nation’s safety with regard to firearms.

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Essay Example on Gun Control

Thesis Statement of Gun Control Essay

If gun control is regulated, then we will have less crime. Access to firearms makes killing easy, efficient, and impersonal which increases the lethality of crimes committed.

Introduction of Gun Control Essay

There has been a number of examples in which criminals and anti-social people are openly involved in crimes by shooting people dead. These criminals are spreading fear and disbelief of people on the government institutions for providing protection. In some cases, even these criminals are school-going children who have a pistol in their hands instead of books. The people who get the right of holding a gun must be limited by the law to misuse these arms against peace in society. Increasing terrorism can challenge the system which is the first step towards anarchy.

Main Body of Gun Control Essay

Here are some issues are given in the list below that are associated with gun use and suggestions for the control of open guns used by criminals.

What Types of Issues are there that arise due to the Open Use of Gun

See the different types of issues that could arise due to the open use of guns by criminals when the system fails to control it.

  1. Anarchy in the Society among People – The first and foremost thing that happens when the law and order situation of a country is not in control is the spread of anarchy in society. People fail to believe in the system and everyone starts considering him as the king.
  2. The murder of Thousands of Innocent People – Thousands of people get stabbed down on daily basis without any fault on their part due to not controlling gun use. Criminals get the green signal for doing more crimes when the system is not efficient to deal with them.
  3. Terrorism in the Country – When some anti-social elements involve in criminal cases, other children and people also learn the same from them. As a result of which it gives rise to terrorism in the country.

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How to Tackle the Problem of Gun Use Openly

Gun use is becoming a huge problem among the different countries across the globe. Here are some tips that could be used to tackle this problem effectively.

  1. Limited Freedom to Use the Gun in Extreme Important Case – Those who are given the license of using guns must be limited by the rules of the government. That is how improper use of the gun could be stopped.
  2. Major Punishment to Transfer the Gun to another Person – Sometimes it so happens that people transfer their gun to someone other for doing the crime. For example school, children take their parent’s guns to murder people. Such people must be punished with serious punishment.
  3. Making some Rigid Laws for Gun Use – The use of must not be allowed to everyone, and there should be proper rules made by the government to use the gun in a controlled behavior for emergency situation only.

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Importance of Gun Control for Social Welfare

The importance of gun control is rising with the passage of every day as the numbers of crimes are increasing in society. The following given points are going to make you understand how important it is to control the open use of a gun.

  1. Saving the Lives of Common Masses – When open use of the pistol and guns would be checked by the government authorities, it would be very helpful for the common people. We confront the problems in which rich people and their children slay down the poor one by illegal use of the gun. The punishment given to these people is very less or negligible as compared to the crime that they commit by using these guns. So when there would be no illegal use of the gun by gun control many lives of common people could be saved easily by the government.
  2. Maintenance of Law System in Society – It is a very big success for the government to get the faith of people in the government officials to maintain law and order. When there will be no use of illegal guns common people can take a sigh of relief. This is should be given supreme importance by the police to cater to the rights of the common masses in society.


The time for enlightenment has arrived when we all have to raise our voice for dealing with the serious of society that is gun control. It is very difficult to survive in a region where you can lose your life at any time. A proper way of government system should be incorporated in the society to check any breaches to the rights of the common man.

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