Cyber Bullying Essay Example for College Students

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Writing a persuasive essay on Cyber Bullying for college always require the essay writers to prepare a rough draft of the essay and a good outline as well. At the same time, the research on the topic of the essay should also be carried out in a professional manner.

The persuasive  essay on Cyber Bullying  should be written is a persuading tone to overpower your target readers by your ideology and vision for a given topic. You are supposed to make your readers realize that you are only speaking truth throughout the essay.  The essays topics are just like persuasive speech topic and you have to influence your reader through your arguments in the essay.

A well written persuasive essay starts with a thesis statement which is chased throughout the essay with relevant substantiation. The given persuasive essay example on Cyber Bullying is going to help you in understanding the complete process of writing a persuasive essay on various topics. Whether you are asked to write an essay on cybersecurity topics or any other such topic you can write to them all by following this sample.

Thesis Statement For Cyber Bullying Persuasive Essay

Cyberbullying is becoming as one of the most common crimes across the globe. Many people are subjected to depression and committing suicide from the stress caused by cyberbullying on their psychological health.

Sample Introduction Persuasive Essay Writing On Cyber Bullying

The issue of cyberbullying starts with the coming of the internet into existence along with multiple social networking sites. People from across the world are being targeted by cyberbullying in one or another way. For example, women are openly harassed by their male counterparts in social media which are associated with their reputation.

At the same time, some people who are business rivals to each other also spread fake news to put their business rivals down in the business. Here we will try to know how poor control on the rising cyberbullying is increasing the confidence of people who are involved in the pursuit of bullying for a long time period. Also, attention will be given on the impact of bullying on the mental state on the victim high great level research.

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Main Body(Short Essay On Cyber Bullying)

Here are some important points that are related to cyberbullying and its effect on the health of the victim. You can understand the cause and solutions for cyberbullying here in-depth illustration as well.

What is Cyber Bullying?

We all have access to social media in the present age of the internet and technology. On these social networking sites, people try to communicate with each other easily without any hindrance.

But few anti-social elements are not in favor of smooth functioning of social media and thus try to humiliate other people. The humiliation is done by posting inappropriate comments and posts on the networking sites about a person.

As a result of which the victim’s reputation gets destroyed within seconds. Those who are running an online business are very much affected by such deeds that are knowingly committed by their business rivals.

Even girls also become the victim of social bullying when some inappropriate comments are posted against them on these sites. This is how the misuse of the internet and social platforms is prevalent for cyberbullying everywhere.

Effect of Cyberbullying on people and why it is prevalent in society

The impact of cyberbullying on the people who are exposed to such experience is very grave. Many people are so troubled on the psychological grounds that they tend to finish their life always. Other who do not get a death wish from such bullying openly undergo depression and a poor state of mental health.

The businessmen have to kiss the dust in their business even after trying their best efforts because of the cyberbullying. Thus we can say that it is the biggest enemy of human being which needs to be dealt with seriousness at every level.

Owing to the lingering laws and rules that are framed with a number of loopholes on cyber bullying it is very easy for the people to indulge in such illegal activities. Even sometimes high-level celebrities are also associated with cyberbullying owing to a very low level of punishment on such crimes.

How anti-bullying laws are working to check the issue on the global stage?

There are several anti-bullying laws that are framed by the government at the international level and state levels as well. In order to control the level of the issue, various people have been poisoned so far in the case of cyberbullying. Networking security is also raised for the users when using their social networking accounts to check any account hacking or such incidences. But still owing to the number of loopholes in these laws and rules many people easily manage to get out of it without any issue.

That is the reason why the cyber bullying  problem still continuous in most of the parts of the world. Although developed countries are a bit able to check this issue still developing countries are trying to control the problem Nations with a high number of population is mainly struggling for the rights of their citizens that are breached by the cyberbullying. A big success has been obtained by the authorities on this issue of still there is a long path to tread yet.


So we can say that the prevalence of cyberbullying in every part of the world is dangerous for human health. This is because people are getting attacked by anxiety and depression when they face a massive problem of cyberbullying. It can be checked only when powerful networking security will be provided to the users of these social networking sites.

At the same time, certain laws and initiatives should be taken on the part of the government to punish the culprits who are indulging in this crime openly without any tinge of fear in their mind. By seeing the seriousness of the issue this is the high time to take a step in accordance with the reliable solution to check the problem of cyberbullying effectively.

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