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Here is a sample essay on diabetes written by experts whom students can consider as standard essay to write such similar essay that is assigned to them by their professors or teachers. You can also get help in writing diabetes essay conclusion with the help of this sample essay.

At one point of time or other essay writing work on different topics is assigned to the students. Sometimes these essays are of an argumentative type or other times it could be of any other type like Critical essays, expository essays and Compare and contrast essays. Students doing healthcare courses also get essay assignments like diabetes Essay Writing assignments or some other topics related to health.

Thesis Statement

Deficiency of Insulin Hormone in the human body causes diabetes that can cause some fatal problems in the person.


B-cells of pancreas create or secrete a hormone known as insulin but due to the failure of these cells sometimes pancreas fails to secrete the insulin hormone. This insulin is very important to keep the blood sugar level in control by converting the glucose molecules in our body into glycogen which is stored in the liver. Whenever the quantity of sugar falls in the blood these glycogen molecules get broken down into the sugar to optimize the blood sugar level again. This way we can say that insulin regulates the quantitative of sugar in our blood. But when insulin formation does not occur in the pancreases excessive accumulation of the sugar in the blood occurs that cause diabetes. It can cause the damage of our brain cells that is neurons which is fatal because the neuron is not able to repair like other body cells of the human body. Here we are going to discuss how insulin formation discrepancy could be coping up by the patients of diabetes and why people having diabetes are asked to keep chocolates or sweet things in their bag always.

Main Body

Here we are going to discuss every aspect that is associated with the diabetes-like its cause, precautions and harmful results of not curing it on time. In-depth detail of every dimension is given in the following part of the essay.

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Cause of Diabetes in Human Body

The major cause like aforesaid is the failure of our pancreas to form insulin in the body that raises the sugar level in blood. The cause of diabetes is the failure of the body to use insulin. In this case, our body is completely in resistance to insulin use even when the pancreas is forming the insulin hormone in proper quantity. Such circumstances put the human who is going through this stage into an extreme risk of life. Though initial days of the persons go well as they move towards the older age gradually symptoms start appearing in them like excessive weight gain or very lean body etc. So these are the major cause of diabetes in human being.

Harmful Consequences of Diabetes to a person

The biggest harmful consequence of diabetes to a person who is suffering through it is that diabetes cannot be treated completely. People have to go through the regular injections of insulin to keep their blood sugar level normal in the body. In case a person does not go through the regular session of insulin uptake he or she may experience the following experience out of his or her high blood sugar level.

  1. An increase in the rate of blood pressure causing thereby hypertension.
  2. Damage of the neuron cells of the brain that could not be healed like other cells of the body.
  3. Excessive reduction in body weight and sometimes huge weight is also gained by the person going through sugar. It depends upon person to person.
  4. Sometimes the patient has to suffer through the other body diseases like fast breath and giddiness due to sugar.
  5. There are people who get faint at times due to having instant fluctuations in the blood sugar level in their body.

How to Cope up With Diabetes

In case you have caught by these diseases make sure that you are keeping every care of yourself to cope up with these diseases. Go through the minimum or no use of sugar in your diet. Stop taking any substance that contains the quantity of starch like potato and rice which are the high source of starch. Also, make it sure to have proper regular exercise to keep you fit physically. You might be asked by your doctor to keep sweet candies of chocolates in your bag round the clock whenever you go out of your home. This is because it is not necessary that if you are going to the high blood sugar level, you cannot face the low glucose level in your body. Sometimes it so happens that people suffer through the extreme deficiency of glucose level in the body due to fluctuation of blood sugar level in a diabetic person. Such a situation can cause the person to faint on the floor. That is why chocolate or candies can provide instant sugar level in these types of situations to the people.

Diabetes Essay Conclusion

Diabetes is fatal diseases that threaten the health lifelong it is very important to go for a regular check-up of sugar level in the body. If diagnosed on time we can take proper precautions to save ourselves from this disease.

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